Jon Fishman’s Lincolnville General Store Re-Opens With A Bang In His Maine Hometown [Video]

first_img[Cover photo via Lincolnville General Store Facebook] Last Friday night, October 27th, after a lengthy restoration and renovation process, the Lincolnville General Store was re-opened by of the small Maine town’s most well-known citizens: Phish drummer/town Board of Selectmen member Jon Fishman and his wife and town Board of Education member Briar Fishman. According to local Maine paper The Free Press, the long-awaited grand re-opening went off with a bang last weekend with a party featuring pizza fresh out of the stone oven, hot dogs and burgers, a crowd of about 600 people and, of course, live music. Local groups The Mallett Brothers and the Route 17 Ramblers provided the entertainment, with Fishman joining both groups as a special guest.Phish Drummer Jon Fishman Elected For Local Political Office In Maine HometownThe store, which was built in the mid-19th century, has been closed for almost a decade. According to a 2016 report in Penobscot Bay Pilot, Fishman and his wife, Briar, purchased the mid-19th century Lincolnville General Store in 2011, but wound up selling it to another family to focus on the upkeep of their making their local farm. After the buyers made initial renovations to the store, the Fishman family put in an offer and wound up buying back the property and continuing the upgrading process.The store’s focus is on organic and store-made products, including prepared foods and condiments. Since the Fishmans have five children, they can understand the importance of an all-in-one store, and the Lincolnville General Store aims to be just that. The property also features an outdoor porch area, WiFi, and a brick oven pizza stop for residents to come and chat. They’ll also work with local businesses to ensure that they aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes, and are planning to break into groceries and delivery services for the elderly and handicapped townspeople. “Most markets don’t just sell their own stuff,” Briar told the Penobscot Bay Pilot back in 2016. “It takes the community to stock the shelves and we will be working with not only local farmers, but local bakers, local artisans and craftspeople.”Particularly with Phish toning down the scope of their famously extensive touring schedule this year, Fishman and his family have continued to make themselves an important part of the local Lincolnville community–and make Lincolnville just a little more special in the process.Congrats to Jon, Briar, and the town of Lincolnville on the new store!You can watch full footage of The Mallett Brothers Band’s performance at the opening of the Fishmans’ new Lincolnville General Store, featuring a sit-in from Jon Fishman himself, via the store’s Facebook page:Check out assorted videos and clips from the Lincolnville General Store Grand Re-Opening below via Instagram:last_img read more

Taboola Makes AI Real

first_imgPersonalized recommendations have changed the way brands reach their customers effectively. Taboola is the world’s largest discovery platform, delivering content recommendations to billions of consumers on many of the world’s top sites. We recently sat down with Ariel Pisetzky, Vice President of IT and Cyber, to learn how Taboola uses AI to successfully drive their business. Taboola provides the right recommendation 30 billion times daily across four billion web pages, processing up to 150,000 requests per second.A few years ago, Mr. Pisetzky and his team required a modernized infrastructure to support Taboola’s growth and improve the experience of their customers and advertisers.Delivering Taboola’s services requires extraordinary computing power and simplified management to attain the maximum performance to serve clients and users worldwide. The company turned to AI, because it would allow them to dynamically respond to inquiries using inferencing and deep learning capabilities. Success depended on being able to keep insights flowing with adaptable AI systems, innovative architecture and intuitive systems management.The engine driving their AI solution consists of two components: front-end artificial intelligence (AI) for inferencing based on PowerEdge modular servers with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to process and deliver the real-time content recommendations. The back-end servers that host cutting-edge deep learning models are continually trained using sophisticated neural networks to infer user preferences.By using PowerEdge modular servers, the IT team at Taboola can meet rapidly changing demands and enjoy the versatility and simplicity necessary to support a building block approach. The team is able to cost-effectively use the same servers interchangeably as AI inferencing nodes, database servers or storage nodes with very simple configuration changes. Each request coming into a front-end data center runs the AI-driven inferencing algorithms in a unique, ultra-fast process that delivers a relevant recommendation within 50 milliseconds.Taboola took full advantage of the built-in performance acceleration of 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors—together with the highly optimized Intel Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networking (Intel MKL-DNN). Taboola was able to initially enhance its performance by a factor of 2.5x or more with their modernized infrastructure. Then, gaining the efficiencies of Kubernetes within the software layer—including the operating system, TCP/IP stack, load balancing and more— Mr. Pisetzky’s team went much further.“With PowerEdge servers and Intel Xeon Scalable processors, we now get up to six times the performance on our AI-based inferencing compared to when we started,” states Pisetzky. “This helps reduce our costs, and we believe there’s a lot more to be gained over time.”For the back-end data centers running deep learning-based models to accurately and reliably train the Taboola models, the Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd servers with their lightning-fast accelerators were the answer.“Training is much different from the real-time inferencing we do on the front end. The demands aren’t in terms of response times, but rather the time it takes to process large volumes of data. PowerEdge R740xd servers provide the performance to access our massive data to train our models and push them back to our front-end data center for inferencing. We’re using Vertica, Cassandra and MySQL databases across a variety of nodes,” states Mr. Pisetsky.Today, the company takes a more holistic view of its data centers as high-performance computing (HPC) clusters, which are able to process an enormous number of requests per second. Rather than just add servers or racks, Taboola looks at everything as a single HPC machine, and reshuffles servers to achieve significant performance improvements and greater cost efficiencies.The next step in building Taboola’s solution was determining the most efficient and cost effective way to manage this large global footprint with a small IT team of 12 Site Reliability Engineers across nine global data centers. The team turned to iDRAC, which allows them to deploy servers with the touch of a button. They can easily update servers across their data centers and ensure the BIOS and firmware settings are identical across all servers.The results Taboola has delivered to their users are amazing. Today, different people can go to the same page and receive personalized recommendations relevant to them, all without Taboola knowing who you are. AI has provided Taboola with the ability to take their business to the next level with impressive results. They can now provide personalized services, better user experiences and better results for their end users, advertisers and publishers.Learn more about Taboola’s AI deploymentDiscover how iDRAC enables Taboola to manage their servers remotelyWatch the webinar: Making AI Real with Taboola and PRGX (registration required)last_img read more

Nassau’s Denenberg Proposes Dog Abuse Prevention Law

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Nassau County Legis. Dave Denenberg (D-Merrick) has proposed a bill that would ensure that dogs are protected from harmful and inhumane restraint.The Nassau Democrat unleashed his proposal at the Bobby and the Strays Freeport Shelter Thursday afternoon. Called the “Tethering Law,” the bill is intended to address the “common and widespread form of animal abuse which has gone unaddressed for too long. With distressing frequency, pets are tethered, chained, leashed or otherwise restrained in ways which cause them severe pain and physical injury, subject them to dangerously unhealthy weather conditions such as extreme heat and cold, and deny them adequate access to food and water for extended periods of time.”The legislation goes on to describe the cruel ways pets are unreasonably confined, unable to exercise for their “physical and emotional health and well-being,” and forced to reside in unsanitary conditions, defecating and urinating in the same restricted space where they eat, move and rest.Nassau Democratic Legis. Dave Denenberg (D-Merrick) poses with his beloved canine friend Chloe, who he rescued.The bill prohibits the use of a “choke collar or pinch collar” that deliberately impairs the flow of oxygen to the pet, or could get embedded in the pet’s skin. It would ban a chain that has links more than a quarter-inch thick. It prohibits a restraining device that weighs more than 10 percent of the animals’ total body weight, not to exceed 25 pounds for any animal. Nor should it be less than 10 feet long but it should not be long enough to let the animal “move over an object or edge that could result in strangulation or injury.” The bill also comes with a time limit: “No person shall tether, leash, fasten, secure, restrain, chain or tie an animal to any stationary object outdoors for more than two hours in any 12-hour period.”Someone found guilty of violating this new law would face a maximum fine of $500 for the first offense, a $1,000 maximum fine for a second violation, and a $1,500 maximum fine for a third or more violation.“I made a goal at the start of 2014 to use any and all of my legislative power to protect animals here in Nassau,” said Denenberg, who is running for state Senate this fall to replace state Sen. Charles Fuschillo, Jr., who abruptly resigned last year. “It had come to my attention that there were some serious voids legislatively as far as protection of pets and I made it my top priority to change that. The Tethering Law I filed today is just another important step toward bringing real justice to animals.” Denenberg himself is a longtime dog owner and animal advocate. “I look at my dog Chloe and I just can’t imagine not giving her the room to walk and run when she is outside,” he said.last_img read more

Bulgarian pension body disputes projected second-pillar payouts

first_imgThe Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies (BASPSC) disputed the ministry’s interpretations and model assumptions.The current pension contribution rate increased by 1 percentage point this year to 19.8% of wages, of which 5% goes to the second pillar UPFs.There is a maximum monthly insurance ceiling, currently set at BGN2,600 with a 2% annual increase, above which taxes are due but no further pension or health insurance contributions are paid.One point of dispute is that the ministry’s long-term projection of an 8% annual increase in wages, leading to a similar increase in the average insurable income, would by 2037 result in the latter exceeding the maximum insurable ceiling, while at the same time exaggerating the expected pension paid by the first pillar.Overall the contributions cover less than 48% of current pensions expenditure, with the rest coming from taxes.According to the BASPSC’s calculations, based on NSSI figures, the average real contribution rate to the pay-as-you-go first-pillar system amounted to 30% in return for a pensions income roughly equal to 41% of the working wage.The BASPSC pointed out that, by the ministry’s own calculations for younger workers, those with 40 years of service would receive a 20% pension income from UPFs, despite the lower contribution rate.Other discrepancies included the ministry’s use of a 5% contribution fee throughout its projections, even though this has been lowered to 4% for 2018 and will fall to 3.75% next year. The ministry also failed to take into account the increase in the retirement age, to 65 years for both men and women, according to the BASPSC.The main issue, however, was the ministry’s use of average accumulated sums in pension funds.According to Bulgaria’s Financial Supervision Commission, the country’s regulator for pensions and other non-banking financial services, there were around 3.7m registered as UPF members at the end of 2017 – some 1.35m more than those actually contributing according to NSSI data. The difference was attributed largely to the high level of economic emigration.Payout proposalsDespite the dispute, Bulgaria is moving closer to finalising payout schemes for the country’s second-pillar pension system.In its draft legislation, the ministry has proposed three types of payouts: a one-off lump sum, scheduled withdrawal, and lifetime (annuity) provision. It has also put forward the possibility of combining two or three provisions to diversify pension incomes.Unlike the government’s last attempt to address payouts, in 2016, when it proposed and then shelved the idea of a common asset pool for second-pillar pensions, the latest version has proved relatively uncontroversial.Notwithstanding its criticisms, the BASPSC has welcomed the payout proposals, including the programmed withdrawals and the provision of lump-sum payments, which it described as the correct solution for those members who were not able to accumulate sufficient sums as a result of a short period of fund membership, absence due to emigration, or their working in the ‘grey’ economy.It suggested more options for inheritability of pensions, as well as the establishment of a principal guarantee to protect at least the value of nominal contributions. A majority of Bulgarian citizens retiring between 2021 and 2037 will receive a pension of €26 or less despite reforms aimed at boosting savings, according to projections from Bulgaria’s labour and social policy ministry.The ministry’s analysis of projected pension income – published alongside draft legislation for new types of pension payouts – showed that 70% of the first cohort of Universal Pension Fund (UPF) pensioners, retiring between 2021 and 2037, would receive a monthly pension of BGN50 (€26) or less, while only 10% would get more than BGN100.Meanwhile, according to the ministry, payments from the first-pillar National Social Security Institute (NSSI) would be 18-20% lower than would have been the case if members had been insured exclusively in the state system, suggesting that members should consider the option of switching to the first pillar.Since 2015, when switching was introduced, only around 10,000 UPF members and 900 members of the Professional Pension Funds (for workers in jobs that qualify for early retirement) have switched.last_img read more

Surprise result as mega mansion goes under the hammer

first_imgThe grand mansion at 1525 Riverdale Dr, Hope Island.PRIVATE negotiations will begin this week on the sale of Harbour Point, the grand Hope Island mansion which was passed in at auction on Saturday.The sun was shining down on 1525 Riverdale Drive where more than 200 people turned out to see the fate of the largest land holding in the exclusive enclave.Spectators and bidders gathered around the pool. Photo: Jason O’BrienA strong local contingent gathered around the resort-style pool where auctioneer Colin Banks listed the virtues of the iconic estate.“This is the largest block in the area,” he said.“There are 11 entitlements, subject to council approval; it’s a whopping 4982 sqm property. The house is master built and has a 1815 sqm footprint.”One of four registered bidders – all local – got the ball rolling at $4 million, with the auctioneer bidding $4.25m when no further offers were forthcoming.“People have travelled over the border to be here — I can’t do anything to help you unless that hand goes up,” he beckoned.MORE: Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate onsells bargain buyUntouched time capsules prove irresistible for buyersChance to buy your own Gold Coast chapel Auctioneer Colin Banks passed the property in at $4.5 million. Photo: Jason O’BrienThe same bidder upped his original offer to $4.5m, still well short of the $9 million paid by the Chinese owners during the GFC in 2009.“I know you’re going to test me here, but $4.5m isn’t going to buy it,” Mr Banks told the crowd.“We’re not selling cattle or horses, we’re selling a mansion of a house.”When the third and final call produced no further interest, the property was passed in and the auction wrapped up less than 10 minutes after it began.The doors were open to the public for the first time in 18 years. Photo: Jason O’BrienProfessionals Vertullo Real Estate agent Mark Carew, who led the marketing campaign alongside Nikki Dunlop, said the result was a surprise given the level of interest.“It’s been very positive,” he said.“There are a number of interested parties who we will be speaking with this week.”More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa7 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag1 day agoMr Carew said the border closure and lockdowns prevented a serious Melbourne contender from attending the auction, which was conducted onsite only.The campaign pivots to private treaty this week, with an anticipated price guide of $6.5m-$7.5m.Gilt columns, decorative domes and ornate ballustrading dominate the interior.The Mediterranean-style mansion was built by national car-warranty business owner Gary and Suzanne Chuck, who purchased the prime plot in 2001 for $2.1 million.Long-time Riverdale Drive residents Daryl and Pam Sutherland, who attended the auction, recall dinner parties at the house during the Chuck’s tenure.“There were chefs, waiters and sorbet between courses,” Mr Sutherland said.“It was like being in a five-star hotel. Gary was a real character, it was always a lot of fun.”Mr Sutherland said he was surprised to see the property passed in.“I really thought the bidding would have started at $5m or $6m,” he said.“I thought a wealthy celebrity might have bought it, like maybe Russell Crowe and his football team.”last_img read more

Report: California Could Run On Offshore Wind

first_imgWith 112GW of technical resource potential, floating offshore wind in California could produce 1.5 times as much electricity as this US state uses in one year.That’s according to The California Offshore Wind Project: A Vision for Industry Growth, a new report from the American Jobs Project in partnership with the Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC) at Humboldt State University, Pacific Ocean Energy Trust (POET), and BVG Associates.Offshore wind could be leveraged to achieve the state’s 100 percent carbon-free energy goal, improve grid reliability, and support over 17,500 California jobs in 2045, the report said. This figure includes direct jobs from manufacturing and software development, indirect jobs from suppliers, and induced jobs from spending in the local economy.According to the report, the full utilization of California’s offshore generation potential could exceed New York and New Jersey, two states that have already made significant investments in the technology. This is due to California having the eighth-highest net technical energy resource potential in the United States.“Offshore wind can spur a new wave of innovation in California that will support our climate goals,” said Mary Collins, Managing Director of the American Jobs Project and lead author of the report.“But in order to take full advantage of this important source of clean energy, California needs a coordinated state vision to create opportunities for workers and businesses and protect our environmental values.”The report also provides short and long-term strategies for California to take advantage of its offshore wind potential, including setting a market acceleration target and reducing red tape.Other recommendations include upgrading ports and establishing port innovation districts to support evolving technology and workforce needs, and appointing a California Offshore Wind Czar to coordinate activities among state agencies, foster community programs, advocate for procedural changes in the federal leasing process, build international relationships for knowledge exchange, and capture foreign direct investment opportunities.“California’s coast offers some of the highest wind resource potential in the country, and offshore wind could produce more than 1.5 times the electricity the state currently uses in one year,” said Arne Jacobson, Director of the Schatz Energy Research Center. “This report provides useful guidance to policymakers and stakeholders for the effort to develop this important source of renewable energy in a way that respects our vibrant coastal ecosystem and maximizes benefits to the local economy.”At the start of 2019, the first phases of the federal leasing process are underway in California and potential leases could be issued as early as 2020, the American Jobs Project.Currently, two entities, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) and Castle Wind, have proposed floating wind projects off the coast of Humboldt County and San Luis Obispo County, respectively.last_img read more

Rival C.A.R. groups sign peace pact in Nairobi

first_imgRelated Nigeria’s presidential candidates sign peace accord South Sudan Peace Pact Under Threat Photo Courtesy of The Star Warring groups in the Central Africa Republic signed a peace agreement in the Kenyan capital Nairobi to stop hostilities and open a new chapter of political stability in their country. The ceasefire deal comes after months of negotiations mediated by Kenyan officials Mali rebel groups to sign peace dealslast_img

Asia remembers 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

first_imgIn Thailand,over 5,300 people were killed, including tourists visiting resort islands inthe Andaman Sea while more than 35,000 people died in Sri Lanka.(Reuters) THAILAND –Communities across Asia commemorated the 230,000 victims of the Indian Oceantsunami on Thursday, the 15th anniversary of one of the world’s most deadlydisasters. On the morningafter Christmas Day in 2004, a 9.1-magnitude quake off northern Sumatra islandtriggered a tsunami with waves as high as 17.4 meters (57 feet) that swept overvulnerable coastal areas of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and nineother countries. Memorials werescheduled in the Indonesian province of Aceh, where entire villages wereflattened and over 125,000 people perished in the giant waves. Since then, thearea has been largely rebuilt, with around 25,600 residential, commercial,government, and school buildings constructed inside a high-risk zone. Submerged buildings are seen near the pier at Ton Sai Bay in Thailand’s Phi Phi Island on Dec. 28, 2004 after a tsunami hit the area. REUTERS/LUIS ENRIQUE ASCUI/FILE PHOTOlast_img read more

Raiders Edge Indians In Boys Soccer Opener

Thiago’s departure from Bayern could be imminent – Rummenigge

first_img Loading… Thiago Alcantara looks set to leave Bayern Munich and CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge expects an offer for the midfielder in the coming days.Liverpool have been heavily linked with a move for Thiago, though Rummenigge said this week that Bayern had received no contact from the Premier League champions.However, asked about Thiago in an interview with Welt am Sonntag, Rummenigge replied: “It looks like he will leave us.“It was important for him that he showed that he can play well in the big games.“When it comes to that, it’s a finish that hurts a bit. I expect an offer for him in the next few days.”Thiago helped Bayern to a treble-winning campaign as they lifted the Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and Champions League under Hansi Flick.He may not be the only Spain international to depart the Allianz Arena ahead of the 2020-21 campaign.Defender Javi Martinez also appears to have his heart set on pastures new, with Rummenigge confirming Bayern would not prevent him from seeking a move.Read Also: Marcelo ready for Real Madrid first return in 2020-21 campaign“Javi thinks about leaving us. It will be difficult for him now, too,” Rummenigge added.“His contract is still valid for one year and we have given him to understand that we are not going to put any obstacles in his way.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Promoted ContentTarantino’s Latest Effort Will Probably Be His Best To DateBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemBelieve It Or Not, Paul Rudd Is Turning 50 This Year11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?20 Completely Unexpected Facts About ‘The Big Bang Theory’12 Movies That Almost Ended Their Stars’ CareersYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeThe 18 Most Visited Cities In The World7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoolast_img read more