Pop-up innovation space showcases library projects

first_imgThe Labrary, open for public exploration through December 21, is a storefront space envisioned and realized by students in Harvard’s Library Test Kitchen course. Projects that explore and celebrate the library of the future include:Bookface, Nicholas RivardBookface is an online photo opera that invites Labrary visitors to reflect on their relationship with the digital while posing in a murder mystery photo booth–death by technology.Recon-Texts, Gabrielle PatawaranRecon-Texts is a platform for publishing literary mix-tapes, composed by copy and paste collections gleaned from the ‘library’ that is the Internet, and takes the form of a textbook/notebook hybrid for the creation of new narratives.Graham Grams, Rola Idris, Pablo RoqueroThink information lasts forever? Print an edible telegram with Graham Gram, a graham cracker and icing printer.The Speaking Library, Chris MolinskiThe Speaking Library is an online archive at www.speakinglibrary.org. The anonymous audio recordings document an oral history of the library. What is your earliest memory of a library?Digita Table of the Present Time, Arielle Assouline-LichtenDigita is a snapshot of the way we digitize information today, freezing the speed of digital technology into the physical reality of a wood table top.last_img read more

3 Data Center Best Practices Every Mid-Market Organization Should Follow

first_imgIn today’s digital world, businesses are built on data. That data has value not only to the organizations that house it, but also to external and internal threats. In order to ensure that your business has the digital services it needs, you need trusted infrastructure. Research by ESG and Dell shows the return on investment, as well as risk reduction, that is obtained from running a trusted data center is significant. On the spectrum of Leader and Laggard IT organizations, 92 percent of leaders surveyed reported that investments in infrastructure technologies to maximize uptime and availability and minimize security risk have met or exceeded ROI forecasts.Mid-market organizations must quickly respond to changing business needs in order to get ahead of the competition when everyone is ‘always-on.’ How do companies maintain trusted data centers and compete to become the enterprises of tomorrow while also managing IT budgets very closely? The answer is in efficient solutions that enable businesses to do more with less and securely extend the value of their investments. Brands must also have the confidence and peace of mind that vital business data is protected and recoverable no matter where it resides.Why does leading in data center trust matter? The cost of being less secure is high. Surveyed firms estimate that their average hourly downtime due to security breaches cost is $30,000 to $38,000. Notably, 38 percent of line of business executives have serious concerns about IT’s security capabilities and controls. Additionally, security professionals are in high demand and hard to find.ESG has identified three best practices among trusted data center leaders, and how Dell Technologies solutions and PowerEdge servers help organizations achieve and support those best practices in an ‘always-on’ landscape.1. Prioritize market-leading BIOS/firmware security.Data flows in and out of servers faster than ever before, and it is crucial for organizations to protect this data. That’s why organizations need to ensure BIOS and firmware are up to date. Organizations that prioritize BIOS/firmware security are 2x more likely to say that their security technology delivers higher than expected ROI.And, it’s not just about BIOS improvements: it’s all the other features and functionality that helps ensure that technology continues to get better and more secure as you go along. Trusted data centers have increased functionality for security.2. Refresh server infrastructure frequently.ESG highlights the role hardware plays in the trusted data center and the benefits leaders who refresh their server infrastructure experience. For example, optimized infrastructure results in 41 percent reduction in downtime costs in a modern server environment. Organizations with modern server environments (servers that are less than 3 years old) save as much as $14.3M/year in avoided downtime versus organizations with legacy servers.That’s because old hardware can’t take on new threats. In the mid-market space, companies may not be aware of new threats that are emerging or may not think they’re big enough to be considered a target. The reality is they could be, and it is even more important to make sure that data center hardware is secure and up to date.Unfortunately, IT hardware doesn’t get better with time; the older it gets, the less reliable it becomes. It’s going to cost more to monitor and maintain older servers in head count, parts and resources needed to get those servers back up and running versus purchasing optimized hardware on a refresh cycle. It makes sense to refresh more quickly to make sure you’re getting all the latest technology. With more advanced systems, if you do experience issues, you have more failover capabilities.3. Automate server management.Highly automated organizations are 30 percent more likely to delivery highly reliable application and system uptime and reduce data loss events by 71 percent. Leaders are seeing tremendous value from automating their server management –they reported saving an average of 10.5 person-hours per week.How are Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers built to support trusted data centers? With so much at stake, security is one of the primary values that Dell builds into every single product we deliver. Our PowerEdge servers are engineered with security in mind for optimized infrastructure that lays the foundation to implement best practices.Security is an evolving landscape and so is server management; “secure today” does not guarantee secure tomorrow. Fortunately, PowerEdge servers provide security that is built-in, not bolted on, and all models leverage the same management capabilities. Automation is essential and Dell is continually expanding remediation and threat detection through our OpenManage Application, including new capabilities around power management for reducing overall power consumption.Dell Technologies infrastructure enables organizations to easily manage IT environments to solve their biggest challenges. To learn more about how Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are designed with the reliability, simplicity and security features needed to implement the above best practices, watch the ESG Trusted Data Center and Server Infrastructure Webinar (registration required).last_img read more

GAO makes new recommendations related to pandemic response

first_imgThe U.S. Government Accountability Office is making some new recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The office has continued to report on its ongoing monitoring and oversight efforts related to the pandemic. One recommendation is that the Department of Health and Human Services should create an expert committee that includes knowledgeable health care professionals from the public and private sectors, academia, and nonprofits or use an existing one to systematically review and inform the alignment of ongoing data collection and reporting standards for key health indicators.last_img

Trauma Tuesday: Cliff Jumping Edition

first_imgDon’t worry, this video is relatively tame – mostly belly-flops and awkward takeoffs as oppose to the sand faceplants, deck slams, and rope snags you may be used to in your YouTube videos. But here’s the thing about jumping off a cliff into a swimming hole, it still hurts. Heck, even when you do it right, it still hurts. I have a younger brother who has blown out his eardrum and given himself a concussion jumping from heights into water, and that was two different instances. Like any launch situation, a lot can happen from the takeoff to the landing, and there is not much you can do about it. You can squirm in the air, shout “Oh, no,” twist so you land flat on your back instead of flat on your face, but cliff jumping poorly will always be painful. Obviously, that first step into thin air is the key to success or failure – epic failure in some cases.Enjoy this video, but take it as a warning for the rest of the summer: let someone else go first.One another note: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.last_img read more

Colombia’s ELN Frees 5 Foreigners; Canadian Man Remains in Captivity

first_img BOGOTÁ — Two Peruvian oil workers and three Colombian colleagues held in captivity since Jan. 18 by Colombia’s rebel Army of National Liberation [Ejercito de Liberación Nacional, or ELN] were released Feb. 15 in the department of Bolívar. Remaining in custody is a sixth man, Jernoc Wobert — a Canadian citizen and vice-president of exploration for Geo Explorer, which employed all the men. Wobert was separated from his co-workers on Feb. 3. The ELN has said nothing regarding Wobert’s whereabouts, though the other previous hostages said he is “in good shape.” The six geologists were seized a month ago by 20 members of the ELN’s elite Frente Dario Ramirez Castro near the town of Norosi. The ELN — the smaller of the two rebel groups fighting to overthrow the Colombian government — finds its traditional heartland in the mountains of the nearby Serrania de San Lucas. The ELN, which is believed to have about 2,500 combatants, has not been involved in the recent peace talks now underway in Cuba between the government of President Juan Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). German retirees also being held against their will Separately, ELN rebels continue to hold two elderly German brothers who were captured last November while travelling across Catatumbo, in the department of Norte de Santander. The ELN — believing Uwe and Günther Otto Breuer are employees of the state-run petroleum exploration company Ecopetrol, or even spies — demands that the Colombian government prove otherwise before it agrees to release the brothers. Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzón has renewed his call upon the rebels to release all foreign hostages at once. “The ELN guerrillas must commit to the unconditional and immediate release of the Canadian citizen and two German citizens, and they must stop talking of peace and start showing demonstrations of peace,” Garzon said. “They must stop kidnapping and committing terrorist acts against the Colombian people.” Once, kidnapping was crime synonymous with Colombia itself. But London-based global security firm Red24 says abductions for ransom have dropped off in recent years. “Kidnapping statistics are difficult to obtain – primarily because incident classifications vary from country to country and many kidnappings are not reported for fear of retaliation by the kidnappers or fear of police corruption and ineptitude,” said a Red24 analysis. It added that authorities reported 258 kidnappings in 2011 — less than Haiti, Mexico or Venezuela. FARC refrains from kidnapping foreigners Yet despite the FARC’s public declaration last year that it would officially no longer take hostages for ransom, the group still kidnaps Colombian police officers and soldiers, referring to them as “prisoners of war.” They are still actively kidnapping policemen and soldiers, preferring to call them “prisoners of war.” On the other hand, the last time the group kidnapped any foreigners was in 2011, when it held four Chinese oil workers from June until November of that year. The ELN, however, is still actively kidnapping and has made no such statements to the contrary. High-ranking ELN guerrillas “Gonzalo”, “Oscar Nobles” and “El Mocho” were supposedly behind the latest kidnappings. Wobert and two Peruvians — Javier Ochoa and José Manuel Mamani — were moved to 21 different locations in the region of southern Bolívar, but mainly in villages near Arenal, Morales and Norosi. Col. Jorge Vargas, who heads the police department in Bolívar — where the kidnappings took place — said that in this region, illegal mining had surpassed coca cultivation as the ELN’s main source of illicit income. ELN extortion on its way up Police statistics show that from 2010 to 2011, the total area under coca cultivation dropped from 3,300 hectares to 2,200 hectares. The ELN has since stepped up its extortion of local companies — both illegal and legal — in exchange for land and mineral rights. Colombians widely condemned the kidnapping of the foreigners, with the government at one point offering 100 million pesos (about $56,000) for any information on the whereabouts of the hostages. This figure was later raised to 150 million pesos (about $84,000). Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón initially sent 600 soldiers to the mountainous terrain to hunt down the ELN guerrillas. That was in addition to dropping leaflets over the area advising guerrillas of the potential bounty available. But as the hostage drama dragged into its second week, the number of soldiers involved in Operacion Emblema doubled to 1,200. ELN attempts to justify latest kidnapping The ELN said it had targeted Geo Explorer to highlight the group’s “opposition to mining exploitation.” On its website, the ELN justified its kidnapping as part of a campaign to “protect the natural resources which are being handed over to international companies.” The ELN also announced that any harm suffered by the hostages during a military rescue mission would be “a tragic and regrettable ending, and would be the direct responsibility of the government’s actions.” When the other hostages were handed over to members of the International Red Cross, officials expressed surprised that Wobert was not among them. “Of course, military and police operations in the area are still trying to locate this Canadian citizen kidnapped by the terrorist group,” said Pinzón, adding that the ELN is “as always, looking for money.” By Dialogo February 21, 2013last_img read more

Yaphank Man Shot, Dog Killed by Gunman Who Set Home on Fire

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 27-year-old man and two of his dogs were shot, killing one of the dogs, by a gunman who set the victim’s Yaphank home on fire on Tuesday, Suffolk County police said.The shooter entered the victim’s Long Island Avenue home and opened fire before igniting the blaze and fleeing the scene at 5:30 p.m., police said.Yaphank Fire Department firefighters extinguished the flames with the help of the Medford Fire Department, Ridge Fire Department, Brookhaven Fire Department and Middle Island Fire Department.The victim was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital, where he was treated for serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The surviving dog was taken to a local animal clinic, where he was being treated and is recovering. The dead dog was taken to the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s office to have the bullet removed for the investigation.Sixth Squad and Arson Section detectives ask anyone with information on this case to call them at 631-854-8652 or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will remain confidential.last_img read more

Registration now opened for DSC’s evening classes

first_img Share 406 Views one comment Sharing is caring! Share Persons wishing to take advantage of certificate and degree programmes in the evening can now register at the DSC’s Department of Continuing Education which has been relocated to the Bath Estate Campus.The DSC announced last week that the College has decided to reintroduce evening classes as of April 2012 in keeping with its goal towards lifelong learning development for citizens as well as several requests by employees in the working population group who are unable to attend classes during the day. Admissions Assistant at the Dominica State College, Daisy Rodney told Dominica Vibes News that the programmes which target the working population will enable the participants to achieve their education and will focus on several career specialties like plumbing and electric repairs.“We have a few evening classes that we would like to start. Two of them are degree programmes; Business Administration and Journalism &Mass Education. We also have certificate courses and some of them are Introduction to Business, Introduction to Economics, Quantity Surveying, Computer Hardware Repairs, QuickBooks, Speech Communication, Computer Office Applications and a few other courses”.Applicants are requirements to pay an application fee of $100.00 as well as submit a recent passport-sized photograph for admission into the certificate programmes. Rodney explained; “there are no specific criteria for entry into the certificate programmes, once you are in the field and you have a certain amount of experience then you can apply”.However for the Associate Degree Programme, applicants should have passes in “at least four CXC subjects” and submit a passport-sized photograph with their application form. Rodney is also available to assist applicants who may have “any issues surrounding CXC results” as the Department of Continuing Education will make every effort to assist these applicants.Rodney is hopeful that persons will embrace the opportunity to get qualified and certified in their respective career fields. She noted that these programs will assist persons to develop themselves therefore the cost of the program should not be a deterrent.“We want persons especially those working in that particular field to get themselves trained and certified in these areas. We know that during these hard economic times it is not always easy to get finances but if you think about it, it is for the betterment of yourselves. You will get qualified and certified in your area of work, so we are encouraging persons to apply.”Certification courses costs $300.00 plus a registration fee of $100.00 and will range from 13 to 15 weeks.Associate degree programmes will take between 3 to 4 years to complete, and prices vary. The prices for these programmes can be found on DSCs website at www.dsc.dm.Application forms for the programmes can be collected at the Department of Continuing Education Office which has been relocated at the Teachers Training School in Bath Estate or at the Admissions Office of the Dominica State College at the Stockfarm campus.Dominica State Collegecenter_img Tweet EducationLocalNewsTertiary Registration now opened for DSC’s evening classes by: – March 6, 2012 Sharelast_img read more

Eagles Jr. High CC Teams Fly By Knights

first_imgThe Jac-Cen-Del Junior High Cross Country Teams ran in a dual meet at South Dearborn on Tuesday (9/2) night.The JCD girls’ and boys’ teams both finished first.JCD vs. SD MS CC (9-2)Adrian Peetz (JCD) was the individual winner of the boys’ race.Courtesy of Eagles Coach Steve Narwold.last_img

Reina surprised by Valdes exit

first_imgLiverpool goalkeeper Jose Reina is surprised by Victor Valdes’ decision to leave Barcelona at the end of his contract but has downplayed suggestions he is a candidate to replace his Spain team-mate at the Nou Camp. Press Association Reina, son of former Barca goalkeeper Miguel Reina, came through the Barcelona academy and played several games for the senior side as a teenager after injuries to the club’s first- and second-choice stoppers opened the door. While his father has already said in the wake of Valdes’ decision that he would love to see his son back at the Nou Camp, Reina was more reticent. “When I sign a contract I fulfil it and I have signed with Liverpool until 2016,” he said, before adding: “Barcelona is the best club in the world. “I know what it means because I trained there as a player and as a person.” center_img Last month, Valdes made the shock announcement that he would not sign a new contract with Barca after his existing deal expires in 2014, with the 31-year-old saying he wanted a new challenge. Reina was among those caught off guard by the decision, and told MoviStar: “I was surprised because Victor is with the best team in the world.” last_img read more

Claudio Ranieri: Jamie Vardy will put team first with both Leicester and England

first_img Leicester are third after six wins and one loss in their opening 11 games ahead of Saturday’s clash with Watford at the King Power Stadium, with Vardy’s goals key. The forward has netted in eight consecutive games, nearing Ruud van Nistelrooy’s mark of scoring in 10 successive matches, but Ranieri insists Vardy will always put the team first. England manager Roy Hodgson fielded Vardy on the left wing for England in Lithuania last month and has again named the former Fleetwood striker in his squad for this month’s friendlies with Spain and France. Ranieri reckons the 28-year-old is happy to play wherever he is told to, although the Italian likes to give him freedom to play anywhere. “Jamie is an intelligent player. What Roy Hodgson asks of him, he tries to do the best for the team, for the England squad. He’s not selfish,” Ranieri said. “In my opinion he has to be free. When he’s free, he’s amazing. “But we play with two strikers, not with one striker. I am not Roy. I respect him, his shape. For me in my team he plays free, forward.” Ranieri has not discussed Van Nistelrooy’s goalscoring landmark with Vardy, insisting the team is what matters. “I never speak about it,” the former Chelsea boss said. “I never speak about a goal, a goal, a goal. Never. It’s not important now. Press Association “At the top there is a team and after the performance of each player. “The team helps you to play better, to score the goals.” Vardy is full of quality and pace. Ranieri added: “Everything he tries to do, he does at 100mph and it’s difficult. “Also you can make mistakes but in this moment he’s in great form. Everything he does, he does well. That must continue in this way.” Vardy’s fellow forward Riyad Mahrez has impressed too and there was speculation this week linking the Algerian with Manchester United. Ranieri welcomed the link, but hopes Mahrez will remain and develop with the Foxes, having in August signed a new deal until 2019. “That is good, because that means we have very good players,” Ranieri said of the speculation. “It’s good one week it’s Vardy, one week it’s Riyad. Another week I don’t know who. “But this is only speculation. Riyad is happy with us, he renewed his contract. “We want to grow up and then he will stay with us, as well as Jamie Vardy.” Asked if the speculation could impact on his player, Ranieri said: “It’s normal a lot of big clubs are asking for you. If (it affects you), you aren’t a big talent.” Watford manager Quique Sanchez Flores succeeded Ranieri as Valencia boss 10 years ago. Asked about revenge, a smiling and joking Ranieri said: “Yes, big revenge. I want to kill him.” He added: “He’s a nice man. It’s football. Why revenge? Why with Quique? I was sacked.” Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri believes free-spirit Jamie Vardy will do what is best for Leicester and for England, even if that means playing on the left for his country and missing out on a Premier League goalscoring record with the Foxes. last_img read more