Countys biomass plant proposal dead

first_imgA controversial plan to build a biomass plant in downtown Vancouver has been scrapped.Schneider Electric, which had a contract with Clark County to build and operate the plant, notified the county it was terminating the contract, Mark McCauley, the county’s director of general services, said Monday.In a Nov. 18 letter, Schneider Electric program manager David Palmer cited “setbacks, roadblocks and other obstructions,” including the loss of the ability to apply for a U.S. Department of Treasury grant because the city of Vancouver initially ruled that a biomass plant would not be allowed in the city center’s light industrial overlay district. A hearing examiner later overturned the city, but not before the Vancouver City Council passed an emergency six-month moratorium on development to block the power plant.Schneider Electric planned to fight the city in Clark County Superior Court, alleging the emergency moratorium violated planning laws and due process by using a moratorium to stop a single project.Palmer wrote in the termination letter that there were other problems.Bids from contractors indicated that the cost of the plant would be nearly double what a county feasibility study had concluded, Palmer wrote. Initially, Schneider had committed to spend up to $28 million to build the plant.The bigger price tag would require power to be sold for a total of 15 cents per kilowatt hour, and after “extensive specific and dedicated efforts,” the company was unable to find any buyer willing to pay more than 6 cents per kilowatt hour, Palmer wrote.last_img

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