SEA Games: PH bets suffer in open water swim

first_imgOpen water swimming: Women’s field flagged off here at Putrajaya. The Philippines’ Courtney Melissa Gray and Erica Lukang are competing— Marc Anthony Reyes (@marcreyesINQ) August 18, 2017ADVERTISEMENT Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano warn public of fake account posing as her LATEST STORIES MOST READ Marcosian mode: Duterte threatens to arrest water execs ‘one night’ KUALA LUMPUR — The Philippine open water swimmers underestimated the cold, placid waters of Putrajaya Lake Friday.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSEnd of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legendSPORTSRedemption is sweet for Ginebra, Scottie ThompsonSPORTSMayweather beats Pacquiao, Canelo for ‘Fighter of the Decade’Filipino-American Courtney Melissa Gray and Erika Lukang finished in the last two spots of the nine-person field in women’s competition in a 10-kilometer course around this scenic man-made lake that was dug as a flood basin.Water polo slatwarts Roy Canete and Mico Anota, who moonlight as open-water swimmers, didn’t finish the race. Albay to send off disaster response team to Batangas Durant says will boycott White House, slams Trump 2 nabbed in Bicol drug stings 787 earthquakes recorded in 24 hours due to restive Taal Volcano 787 earthquakes recorded in 24 hours due to restive Taal Volcano Canete, who scored six goals in water polo’s match against Thailand, suffered from cramps in his left bicep and left thigh and quit after finishing the first of six laps.“I noticed I couldn’t move my body anymore,” said Canete while being attended by Philippine medical team.Anota actually completed the course but didn’t make the cutoff and was marked DNF.Both Canete and Anota are now doubtful starters when water polo takes on Indonesia on Sunday.ADVERTISEMENT Teen gunned down in Masbate Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles02:11SEA GAMES 2019: PH’s Nesthy Petecio boxing featherweight final (HIGHLIGHTS)08:07Athletes treated to a spectacle as SEA Games 2019 officially ends06:27SEA Games 2019: No surprises as Gilas Pilipinas cruises to basketball gold05:02SEA Games 2019: Philippines clinches historic gold in women’s basketball05:21Drama in karate: Tsukii ‘very sad’ over coach’s bullying, cold shoulder03:24PH’s James Palicte boxing light welterweight final (HIGHLIGHTS) Ai-Ai delas Alas on Jiro Manio: ‘Sana pinahalagahan niya ang naitulong ko’ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. End of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legend View commentslast_img read more

Fabregas wants Premier League and Champions League double

first_img1 Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas has set his sights on domestic and European glory next season.The Spaniard won his first Premier League title at the weekend as the Blues beat Crystal Palace 1-0 at Stamford Bridge, having failed to land the crown during eight years at Arsenal.But he is already demanding more next term, and is targeting success in the Champions League as well as on home soil.“The Premier League has always been a trophy that I wanted to get in my career. Hopefully it will be the first of many,” Fabregas told Chelsea TV.“I hope the future holds many trophies, many Premier Leagues, Champions Leagues and hopefully we can start building a fantastic team that next year can fight for the Premier League and Champions League.“It feels great. It’s the feeling that I really wanted to get. It’s a special moment, a special trophy. The most difficult league in the world, so very proud.” Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas has set his sights on domestic and European glory next season last_img read more

Parody: Darwin as a Drug

first_imgAn article appearing on a science news site portrayed Christian megachurches as a drug. What if the tables were turned?The article on PhysOrg analyzed the Christian megachurch phenomenon in terms of its psychological and sociological influence. Without commenting on the validity of its claims, is this a proper subject for science? What if theologians analyzed the scientific consensus on Darwinism in similar terms? It might look like the following.Darwin as a Drug: The Rise of Scientific Consensus on EvolutionPro-Darwin scientific societies use policy statements, emotional rhetoric, charismatic leadership and a domineering, unchallenged vision of evolution to provide their members with a powerful emotional pseudoscientific experience that discourages dissent, according to research from the Department of Sociology of Science at G. K. Chesterton Seminary.“Membership in scientific societies is one of the leading ways evolutionists maintain unanimity these days, so, therefore, these societies should be understood,” said James Weller, associate professor of sociology of science at Chesterton. “Our study shows that — contrary to public opinion that tends to pass off the Darwin movement as harmless atheist dogma — scientific societies are doing a pretty effective job quelling dissent and influencing education, politics and the courts. In fact, society members speak proudly of their lack of dissent.”Pro-Darwin scientific conferences have grown in number, size, and influence in recent years, coming to virtually dominate the scientific consensus on origins. More than half of all research scientists now attend the largest pro-Darwin conferences.Society conferences feature a highly-programmed atmosphere, techno music, workshops on just-so storytelling and what Weller calls a “multisensory mélange” of visuals and other elements to stimulate the senses, as well as small-group participation and a shared focus in the keynote speech from a charismatic society president.The researchers hypothesized that such rituals are successful in imparting emotional unity in the society setting — “creating membership feelings and symbols charged with emotional significance, and a heightened sense of scientism,” they wrote.As part of their study, Weller, Corky, and Stocky analyzed 470 interviews and about 16,000 surveys on society members’ emotional experiences with the conferences. Four themes emerged: materialism/scientism, conformity/unity, admiration for and desire for acceptance from peers, and a sense of duty to fight creationism in public outreach.The researchers found that feelings of consensus felt in the meetings far exceed the powerful but fleeting “maverick thinker ideal” for which scientists are often stereotyped.Many participants used the word “contagious” to describe the feeling of a society meeting where members arrive hungry for ways to answer creationist evidence and leave brainwashed. One society member said, “The unity goes through the crowd like a football team doing the wave. …Never seen it at any other conference.”Weller said, “That’s what you see when you go into pro-Darwin society conferences — you see determined people; people who are talking around the snack bars, and, in one San Diego conference, a solid-leftist political stripe I’ve never seen anywhere in my time doing research on scientific conferences. We see this experience of unalloyed rage at creationism over and over again in society meetings. That’s why we say it’s like a drug.”Weller calls it a “bad drug” because the message stifles debate, such as discouraging dissent from Darwin, punishing students, and venting hate speech against creationist enemies or ID advocates. Societies also discourage their members from thinking independently, such as by stating firmly, “There is no evidence against Darwin,” he added.This stultifying atmosphere also is a key to societies’ consensus, Weller said. “How are you going to dominate science? You give them a generalized form of evolution that’s uncritical, question-begging, and domineering.”The researchers also found that the large size of scientific societies is a drawback rather than a benefit, as it results in propaganda for state-of-the-art technology — amplifying the emotional intensity of consensus — and the fear to hire more independent thinkers who might challenge society leadership.Weller said, “This isn’t just same-old, same-old. This is not like historical scientific research by the individual. It’s a new, totalitarian form of science that’s mutating and separate from all the traditional practices with which we usually affiliate science.”Scientific societies, which rarely refer to problems with Darwinism, are worlds away from the sober, rigorous scientific objectivity of long ago, Weller said.Weller will continue studying the topic of the new Darwinian consensus-building with a book-length profile of American anti-creationist Jerry Coyne due out in late fall, and a book in 2013 titled “High on Darwin: How the Evolution Consensus Destroyed Critical Thinking.”A grant from the Society for the Theological Study of Darwinism funded the project.Darwinists and sociologists are only human. If they can analyze Christians, Christians can analyze them back. What’s good for the goosed is good for the candor. (Visited 39 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Apple Should Reinstate Drone+ & Stop Censoring Apps

first_imgRelated Posts john paul titlow Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#Apple#web I was hoping to wake up to different headlines this morning. Something along the line of “Apple Apologizes, Accepts Drone+ iPhone App” would have sufficed. Alas, last week’s news remains a stubborn reality: Apple thinks that an app highlighting publicly available data about war is “objectionable” and refuses to allow it into the App Store. The event illustrates one of Apple’s very worst tendencies. The app in question is Drone+, a project by NYU grad student Josh Begley that displays an interactive map of recent U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan. After two prior rejections by Apple for reasons having to do with utility and design, the app was nixed a third time for containing “objectionable content.” The decision was a bit of a head-scratcher, considering that a very similar feature was already included in the Guardian’s iPhone app and that scattered information about U.S. drone strikes can be found throughout dozens of news apps that are readily available on the App Store. Quality Control vs. CensorshipTo be fair, this decision is not as troubling as it would be if Apple were a government or a publisher in the traditional sense. Still, it’s a new kind of gatekeeper, and it holds the keys to a platform used by millions of people around the world. While not as horrifyingly Orwellian as it could be, the fact that the biggest company in U.S. history makes decisions about which content is too “objectionable” for its customers is unsettling. Apple has every right to maintain strict guidelines as to what can go into the App Store. This is what keeps the experience so smooth and beloved by consumers. If a developer submits an app with crummy functionality or a confusing UI, Apple should reject it. But if a developer submits an app with politically sensitive words or pictures, so long as it’s not obscene (pornography in the Apple Store is a debate for another day), in violation of copyright law or libelous, the company should back off.This is a lesson Apple should have learned in 2010, when it rejected an app submitted by a Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist because it ridiculed public figures. That, of course, is something newspapers have done freely for centuries, and the blatant disregard for free speech resulted in a PR headache for Apple.In that case, the company reversed its stance and accepted the app. It should do the same for Drone+. Then it should tweak its submission policies to get out of the business of censorship. 25 Billion Apps Later, Things Have ChangedThings have changed since Apple launched the App Store in 2008. For one thing, the platform has become wildly successful and iOS device sales now make up a huge majority of Apple’s record-breaking profits. More than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store. Meanwhile, we’ve seen social media and mobile technology play a crucial role in political uprisings in the Arab world and beyond. Those events have been sparked by unrest due to economic and political conditions but, in case after case, networked communications have stoked the flames. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Last year in Syria, antigovernment activists began using an iPhone app to disseminate news, maps, photos and videos about the conflict in a country that doesn’t exactly rank highly for its press freedom. Mobile tech in the hands of Syrian dissidents proved enough of a nuisance that the government banned the iPhone in late 2011, presumably to quash content that the regime found, um, objectionable. This example raises a few questions. First, why are pins on a map more objectionable than photos and video clips from a war zone? Why does content that effectively agitates for one government to be overthrown make the cut, while content that may make another government look bad (depending on one’s own perspective) doesn’t? Is Apple taking sides in international conflicts? Perhaps more disturbing is the notion that, were Apple to apply these standards consistently, apps like the one used by Syrian dissidents – and perhaps some news apps – would be barred from the App Store as well. Apple Risks Losing Consumer Trust – For What?Censorship doesn’t help consumers, but it doesn’t do Apple any favors either. Apple is at the top of the food chain when it comes to tech companies. Its profits are soaring. Consumers’ mouths are watering for the upcoming iPhone 5, iPad Mini and whatever other polished, connected gadget the company may launch in the foreseeable future. People will stand in line for those products whether or not Apple accepts or rejects any particular app. Even so, the company would be unwise to take the trust of its customers for granted. People get queasy when they perceive censorship, no matter where they stand politically. A series of news stories highlighting Apple’s insensitivity to freedom of expression could eat away at public trust, even in a brand as bullet-proof as Apple’s.Consumers’ lives are increasingly connected, ever more deeply embedded in mobile devices and social networks. These are pretty radical changes, and they’re happening more quickly than many people (not to mention industries and governments) can respond. Some consumers are already beginning to grow uncomfortable with Facebook’s privacy policies, Google’s targeted advertising, and other cases in which, whether justified or not, technology starts to feel a little creepy. Twitter takes protecting privacy and free speech very seriously, and even if most users don’t notice or care yet, that stance will serve the company well as social media continues to part and parcel of our daily lives. Further, there’s no business rationale for blocking apps like this. Does it really degrade the iPhone or iPad experience if people can download an app that shows them where U.S. drones are killing civilians in Pakistan? People who care about that information will download the app, and those who don’t will continue playing Angry Birds and reading Flipboard. Apple is a stickler when it comes to design, user experience, legal concerns, and overall quality. It has a legitimate right to protect its brand by rejecting adult-oriented apps. But when it comes to news, commentary and hard data, Apple has more to lose than to gain from rejecting content it doesn’t like. Drone photo by Charles McCain. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

Why Selling Is More Difficult Now

first_imgThis ain’t your daddy’s sale game. And it wasn’t easy for him.It’s more difficult to command time. It’s more difficult than ever to gain an appointment with your dream client. They’re busier than they’ve ever been. They are being called on by more of your competitors, and they are being called more frequently. Your dream client has more trouble discerning the value creator from the time waster.You need to improve how you prospect by being more direct and more compelling.It’s more difficult to gain access to stakeholders. If it’s difficult to get time with one contact within your dream client’s company, it’s more difficult by a magnitude to gain access to all of the people who influence a buying decision, including the executive you need to support your deal. More still, the decision-maker that brings you in fears giving you access because she knows it will only bring to light the difficult questions they’ve wrestled with unsuccessfully in the past.You need to improve your ability to gain access and build consensus.It’s more difficult to gain the right investment. Your dream clients want better results. They need to improve, and they need partners who provide them some competitive advantage. But then they struggle to make the necessary investment that would produce those results. Many, if not most, of your competitors promise to deliver more at a lower price, reinforcing the big lie that you can have better, faster, and cheaper all in one package.You must improve your willingness and your ability to move from price to cost, from transactional to consultative. You have to move to trust and value.It’s more difficult to make a difference. The problems your dream clients deal with are systemic. Their challenges are greater, and they struggle to find a path forward because there are no easy answers. They trust their problems more than they trust you and your solution because they are afraid of making their problems worse, they are afraid of committing to a path, and they are afraid of what they will be required to do to execute a new plan.You must become a trusted advisor. You have to commit to helping your dream clients through the process of changing.Selling is more difficult because the outcomes are more difficult now. It takes a bigger salesperson to sell effectively and to deliver value.last_img read more

Gujarat municipality polls: BJP wins 47 municipalities

first_imgThe ruling BJP in Gujarat won 47 out of 75 municipalities, down from 59 it held before the local elections, while the Opposition Congress won 16, in results announced on Monday.Though the BJP retained its urban base in towns, winning most municipalities, it saw a decline in the total number of seats, while the Congress made some inroads. “In the elections to 75 municipalities, the BJP has won 47, the Congress 16, the NCP 1 and the BSP 1, while in 6 municipalities, no one got a majority, and Independents got 4,” State Election Commissioner Varesh Sinha said.BJP bags 1,167 seatsIn terms of total seats, the BJP has won 1,167 seats, the Congress 630, Independents 202, the NCP 28 and the BSP 15, while 18 seats have gone to other parties.After the elections for municipalities in semi urban towns, elections will be held for two district panchayats and 17 taluka panchayats this month.“People of Gujarat have once again reposed their faith in the BJP,” State BJP president Jitu Vaghani told media persons. He, however, denied that the Congress made inroads in urban pockets, which have been BJP bastions.Mr. Vaghani said that in all places where the Congress won Assembly polls recently, the BJP won the municipality polls.He gave the example of Amreli district, where the Opposition party lost municipality polls despite winning all five Assembly seats in the district.Both the BJP and the Congress made claims regarding improving of their performance because this was for the first time in a decade that the parties contested local bodies elections on party symbols.last_img read more

Conor McGregor Is Not A Pioneer

Whether it’s a case of friendly cross-pollination or premeditated incest, something curious has been happening between the worlds of boxing, mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. The lines between them have increasingly blurred. Never more so, it would seem, than with Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor’s megafight on Saturday on the Las Vegas Strip, which looks to smash pay-per-view and gambling records largely on the strength of combining the top draws from boxing and MMA and packaging the event as WrestleMania.All three sports — let’s call pro wrestling a sport for simplicity — sell. And all three sports have a history of selling, often for a lot of money, on pay-per-view television. WrestleMania, professional wrestling’s flagship event, was occasionally bought by more than a million households, and some recent UFC engagements have brought in handsome sums in the high eight-figures. A few boxing matches in the past three decades have cracked the 2 million mark, all involving Mayweather — among them, his fights against Oscar De La Hoya in 2007 and Canelo Alvarez in 2013. The Mayweather-McGregor fight is expected to sell 5 million buys at $99.95 a pop.1For high definition. Standard definition is available for the low, low price of $89.95. At that total, it would top even the mountainous numbers done by the Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight in 2015. Saturday’s bout could be seen by 50 million Americans. And while that fight could make $1 billion all told in a single night, the early incentives for cross-pollination were poverty and despair. If you’re searching for storybook endings in American life, boxing is one of the worst places to look — and has been for well over a century. It’s left many of its most iconic heroes broke or buried under debt — and in some cases, desperate for a payday.Even after earning upwards of $5 million in his career, former heavyweight champion Joe Louis found himself $500,000 in debt to the IRS and had to keep going until Rocky Marciano literally beat him from the ring and into retirement in 1951. Louis was still in debt but had a crazy idea to try and keep the IRS off his back. Sixteen years before, Louis had knocked out Primo Carnera, a gargantuan Italian former world champion known as the the “Ambling Alp” at Yankee Stadium. Carnera had fought 102 fights over 18 years and, surprise surprise, also managed to leave the sport broke. Before the year was out, Carnera gave professional wrestling a whirl. He was undefeated in his first 120 matches — staged though they were. This all sounded too good to be true for Louis, and so he followed Carnera’s lead. And pretty much every era-defining prizefighter has, too: Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson and, most recently, Floyd Mayweather, who took on the 7-foot, 400-pound “Big Show” at WrestleMania XXIV.Prominent boxers have also ventured into MMA’s octagon with not entirely promising results — and this is an actual blood sport we’re talking about, rather than a prearranged show. That list includes former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe, three-weight world champion James “Lights Out” Toney and Olympic heavyweight champion Ray Mercer. In what would be both his first and last match, Bowe was knocked off his feet five times by kicks to the shins. He eventually collapsed in the second round clutching his shin, and the bout was stopped. He retired from MMA with a record of no wins and one loss. Toney’s entire MMA career proved even more brief, after losing in the first round to Randy Couture. Mercer fought two kickboxing matches (lost both) before moving on to MMA. He embarked on his MMA career with an exhibition against Kimbo Slice in 2007 and was promptly choked into submission. Yet Mercer gained his redemption in his — to date — only official MMA bout, punching Tim Sylvia’s lights out after all of nine seconds.Brock Lesnar, who in 2002 defeated “The Rock” to become the youngest WWE champion in history, is one of few to make the transition from the staged rings of pro wrestling to actual, professional combat. After first trying his hand at NFL — he got as far as a few preseason games with the Minnesota Vikings — Lesnar turned to MMA in 2006, first fighting in the K-1 Mixed Martial Arts League. Soon the UFC came calling and signed Lesnar, who had been an NCAA champion wrestler for the University of Minnesota, to a contract in 2008; he would go on to fight in several major pay-per-view fights for the UFC, including four that sold over a million buys.McGregor isn’t the first superstar to move from the octagon to the boxing ring. One of MMA’s greatest fighters, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, tried the same thing back in 1998. He faced the not-exactly-household-name Osmar “Animal” Luiz Teixeira and after all of six minutes, Teixeira’s pugilistic skills proved too much for fellow Brazilian Silva. To protect him, Silva’s corner threw in the towel in the second round. Silva’s unparalleled genius in the octagon translated into his losing to someone even charitably described as a journeyman boxer; if this is any litmus test of what to expect from McGregor squaring off against Mayweather — one of boxing’s all-time greatest fighters — the current +400 money line somehow doesn’t reflect it.McGregor isn’t even the first UFC superstar to express an interest in fighting Mayweather. In 2014, MMA’s biggest star, Ronda Rousey, issued a challenge to Mayweather to fight her in an intergender MMA bout. Perhaps Rousey took her inspiration for proposing this fight from the world of boxing, where the first ever licensed intergender fight took place at Seattle’s Mercer Arena in 1999, between 36-year-old boxer and landscaper Margaret MacGregor (no relation) and Canada’s Loi Chow. MacGregor won every round. Only this week, rumors were swirling that Rousey would leave behind her two iconic losses and MMA career to join the ranks of the WWE.Speaking of pivoting to new careers and rising to unexpected heights, the cross-pollination among these fighting sports has recently reached a place of prominence in American life. President Trump, a prominent character in both boxing and professional wrestling, solidified his bona fides for the Oval Office with his tenure on “The Apprentice,” exploiting this dynamic better than anyone.But it didn’t start with Trump, and it won’t end with him, either.Win, lose, draw — or disqualification — Conor McGregor’s antics in the lead-up to his contest against Mayweather have amounted to what would be the greatest audition tape ever sent to Vince McMahon. If that audition were successful, it would make him the first crossover star to participate as a showcase attraction, at the highest level, in MMA, boxing and wrestling. The Triple Crown of spectacle. read more

Suspects steal over 500K from Hermes De Paris at Fashion Valley Mall

first_img FASHION VALLEY (KUSI) — San Diego County Crime Stoppers and investigators from the San Diego Police Department’s Western Division are asking for assistance from the public to help identify and locate multiple suspects wanted for burglarizing the Hermes De Paris store at the Fashion Valley Mall.On Jan. 21 at 4:18 a.m., three vehicles arrived at the north entrance of the Fashion Valley Mall, located at 7007 Friars Road, in San Diego. A total of ten suspects got out of the vehicles and then forced entry into the Hermes De Paris store by using a pry bar to open the front door.The suspects were inside the store for approximately two minutes and stole various items including purses, jewelry, and clothing. The total loss is estimated at over $500,000. These suspects may be related to a statewide series were high-end department stores are being burglarized.Description of Suspects:All of the suspects were wearing hooded sweatshirts and gloves.Suspects’ Vehicles:The suspects used three vehicles and each one had paper plates. The vehicles are described as a white Chevy Suburban, and two blue colored sedans (possibly imports).Update:Investigators conducting follow-ups have recently recovered surveillance photos of the suspects believed to be responsible for this crime.Anyone with information on this case should call San Diego Police Department’s Western Division at (619) 692-4800 or the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at (888) 580-8477.Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest in this case. Visit the Crime Stoppers website at for more information on how to send anonymous web and mobile app tips. KUSI Newsroom, Posted: February 28, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News Updated: 3:55 PM Suspects steal over $500K from Hermes De Paris at Fashion Valley Mall February 28, 2018 KUSI Newsroom FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

SELECTMEN NEWS Committee Created To Propose Changes To Annual Town Meeting

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Changes may be on the way for Annual Town Meeting, but not anytime in the immediate future.At Monday’s meeting, Selectman Mike McCoy asked his colleagues to put an article on this year’s Town Meeting warrant asking voters to change the dates of the Annual Town Election and Annual Town Meeting. McCoy noted the recent Bylaw Review Committee, which he served on, was supportive of changing the date of Annual Town Meeting.Under McCoy’s proposal, the Town Election would fall on the third Saturday of March and the Town Meeting would fall on the fourth Saturday of March. McCoy felt turnout would increase with less conflicts predicted in late March as compared to early May, when First Communions, spring youth sports, and yard work are all in full swing.While his colleagues didn’t necessarily dismiss the idea, they opted not to support it. Instead, Selectmen unanimously agreed to form a Town Meeting Review Committee on the suggestion of Town Moderator Robert Peterson, Jr.“I have no opposition to moving Town Meeting… but I ask the board when moving the date, that you consider taking a holistic approach to the issue of Town Meeting,” Peterson told the board. “I do strongly suggest the Town consider doing some sort of Town Meeting Review Committee…. There are things we can look at to speed the process along, whether it be consent agendas or electronic voting…”“I think Mr. Peterson’s idea is a great idea,” responded Selectman Jonathan Eaton. “I’d rather a solution come from the community than this board. I don’t want to make a change now and then have to change it again next year. My preference is to start a committee as soon as possible and solicit feedback. There’s a lot of good in the survey we’ve conducted, but we have a lot of questions that we need to do some more digging on.”“I agree. Let’s have a review committee. But let’s add a caveat that they need to have something decided in time so we can put something on warrant for next year’s meeting. Let’s get it going now so it’s ready for next year’s warrant,” agreed Selectman Ed Loud.“I’d be inclined to develop a subcommittee and for them to come back and give us a report on which way to go,” concurred Selectman Kevin Caira.The makeup of the Committee is yet to be fleshed out, but it sounded like each Selectman will appoint three members to a 15-member committee.All Selectman also seemed unanimous in their desire to keep the Town Meeting on Saturday, as opposed to moving it to a weeknight or multiple weeknights.“I’m concerned about seniors, some of which are less likely to drive at night,” pointed out Selectman Greg Bendel, who was also cool to the idea of a March Town Meeting. “I worry about a March Meeting. We had 5-6 snow days at school last March. We’d still be running into winter weather. What would happen if Town Meeting were to get snowed out, which unfortunately is a possibility in New England in March.”“This is an impossible problem to try to solve. 23,000 people live in Wilmington,” added Selectman Eaton. “There’s always going to be a conflict… A lot of the themes I saw [in the town meeting survey] was that weeknights weren’t good for seniors, but weekends were tough for parents.”Town Manager Jeff Hull cautioned that moving the Town Meeting too early in the year would create issues for the town’s budget process.“The Governor doesn’t present his budget [which includes state aid, the town’s second largest revenue source] until the end of January. If we have a Town Meeting at the end of March, I have to present the budget to the Board of Selectmen at the end of December, well before the Governor’s,” explained Hull. “It just creates a greater level of uncertainty when putting the budget together.”“Clearly we had some past Town Meetings – like the new high school vote – where a significant amount of people showed up. To some measure, [attendance] is a function of what the topics are at the Town Meeting,” Hull later added. “When people really want to turn out – hockey rink, new High School, new Middle School — people turn out when there are issues that they want to be heard on. I’m not sure that any particular date is going to solicit a groundswell of interest.”Any date change would need Town Meeting approval and then require an act of the State Legislature.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSelectmen & Residents Are Ready To “Fix” Annual Town Meeting, Possibly Move It From Saturday To 2-3 WeeknightsIn “Government”SELECTMEN NEWS: Town Clerk Concerned With Moving Town Meeting To March; Review Committee To Be Appointed SoonIn “Government”ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE GETS TO WORK: 20 Building Projects Happening In Town RIGHT NOWIn “Business”last_img read more