Jessica Jones season 3 on Netflix What we know about the final

first_img 49 Photos 3 TV and Movies Then there’s powerful attorney Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss), who sometimes hires Jess for her services, for better or worse.The Jessica Jones TV series is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Jones herself has featured in Marvel’s The Defenders crossover series, also on Netflix, featuring Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil.Melissa Rosenberg will run the final season as executive producer, and co-heads of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory will be working alongside her.Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) returns with more drinking and crime fighting. Netflix Who’s making it?The director of the season 1 pilot episode, S.J. Clarkson, was recently announced as the first female director of an upcoming Star Trek movie. Season 2 of Jessica Jones was helmed by an all-female roster of talented directors, including Jennifer Lynch and Uta Briesewitz (The Wire).”I knew I wanted to have at least half our directors be women and people of color, and as we began to book them, it became clear there were so many of them. I wasn’t discovering anyone. These were all seasoned pros, and it just kind of grew into this. But I’m glad this really made an impact of normalizing it,” Rosenberg, the executive producer, told Variety. Though season 3 directors have yet to be announced, chances are we’ll be seeing more female directors take charge of future episodes.What we know about the plotIn season 1, we’re introduced to Jones sometime after her experience with Kilgrave, a villain who uses mind control and who raped her as well as forced her against her will to murder. In season 2, we see Jones coming to terms with her childhood trauma and her real mother.Now in season 3, when Jones crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath named Gregory Salinger, she and Walker must repair their fractured friendship to join forces and take him down. But when a tragic loss reveals Jones’ and Walker’s conflicting ideas of what it means to be a hero, it sets them on a collision course that’ll change them both forever.Rosenberg told the Los Angeles Times that season 3 aspires “to do something different again. We’ve delved a lot into her past — maybe this time, we’ll focus on … it’s wide open. We can really do anything.”3Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) returns to Netflix on June 14. Netflix Some theories (based on the comics)In the comics, Jones went to high school with Peter Parker (Spider-Man), and her father worked for Tony Stark (Iron Man). So while fans already got a glimpse of Jones’ horrific childhood car accident in season 2, the series has yet to connect her past with other Marvel characters from the Avengers. Also in the original comics, Jones and Cage are married with a daughter named Danielle (who’s surprisingly named after their fellow Defender, the very annoying Danny Rand aka Iron Fist). It’d be great to see Jones and Cage reconnect in season 3, since Cage is nowhere to be found in season 2. This piece was originally published on May 27, 2018, and is updated as news rolls in. Warning: Possible spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Jessica Jones.Some superheroes would rather blend in and drink at bars in peace. But superpowered, sarcastic New York private detective Jessica Jones never seems to get her wish to be left alone. She’s suffered through childhood trauma, sexual assault and murder. And in season 3, debuting on Netflix June 14, we’ll see Jones go head-to-head with a new adversary.This season will also serve as the final batch of Marvel live-action episodes coming to Netflix, following the streaming service canceling both Jessica Jones and The Punisher. Marvel Entertainment and Netflix released the new trailer for season 3 of Jessica Jones on June 6, revealing more footage of Jones drinking, fighting and having a few choice words with the new villain, named Gregory Salinger (Jeremy Bobb). Show Us Yours: Marvel fandom pictures from our readers Share your voicecenter_img Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Dark final season hits Netflix June 14 What it’s like to live as Jessica Jones for a day Why Jessica Jones is the #MeToo Marvel superhero we need The couple’s nanny in the comics is none other than Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl), who also happens to be a character in the upcoming TV series Marvel’s New Warriors. Fingers crossed Marvel sees fit to add the unusual superhero nanny if Cage and Jones do have a child in season three of Jessica Jones.Now that Walker has superpowers thanks to an incident at the end of season 2, fans might finally get to see her as her superhero alter-ego Hellcat from the original Marvel comics.This opens up an interesting season 3 plot idea of regular humans trying to find ways to get superpowers like Walker did. Plus, Walker’s egomaniacal quest to be the best superhero ever might really rub Jones the wrong way, especially since Walker accused her of being a coward for not using her powers more to save people in trouble.3Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) trains hard to be a hero on Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 3. Netflix “Walker is a character that has a lot of ambition and a lot of appetite,” Taylor told Den of Geek. “I think in some way she’s quite coveted of the powers that Jones has. Walker really wants to matter. She wants to do more. She wants to be more than what she is.”And then there’s the not-so-adoring public when it comes to superheroes. In season 2, we already see both the police force, Jones’ building manager and perfect strangers treat Jones like a dangerous freak because she’s known to have superpowers. This powered-people discrimination from normal humans will probably be more of a plot point in season 3, especially now that superheroes have been outed after the very public actions of the Avengers.When will Jessica Jones season 3 come out?All 13 episodes of season 3 debut on Netflix on June 14, 2019.Meet the (possible) castKrysten Ritter as Jessica Jones Rachael Taylor as Trish WalkerEka Darville as Malcolm DucasseCarrie-Anne Moss as Jeri HogarthRebecca De Mornay as Walker’s mom and Jones’ adoptive mom Dorothy WalkerBenjamin Walker as ErikJeremy Bobb as Gregory Salinger Sarita ChoudhuryTiffany MackJessica Frances DukesAneesh Sheth More Jessica Jones Tags Comments In the new trailer, Salinger calls to tells her, “Jessica Jones, you’re a cheater. You were given every advantage. Allowed to make mistake after mistake. You can’t control yourself. You have no discipline, just brute force. I want you to die.”Marvel Entertainment and Netflix also posted on Twitter and Youtube a teaser trailer for season 3 on May 28, announcing the series release date of June 14. The trailer description said, “Sometimes not even ‘heroes’ can save themselves.” On May 23, star Krysten Ritter shared a short video on Instagram of herself as Jessica Jones drinking at a bar, and wrote in the caption that season 3 would be “coming soon.”Ritter plays the eponymous Jessica Jones, a hard-drinking private investigator with superhuman strength. She’s joined by best friend and adoptive sister Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor), who aspires to be a hero like Jones.last_img read more

Vanier is gone but his Christian model for living alongside the disabled

first_imgYonat Shimron YonatShimron Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email TagsDuke Divinity School Friendship House health care homepage featured Jean Vanier L’Arche people with disabilities Top Story,You may also like Share This! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (RNS) — At the evening prayer service at a new residential complex here, a dozen young people took turns reading a passage from the Gospel of Luke, reciting a Psalm and singing some prayers.They paid no mind as one woman tripped over the words “rebuke,” “unrighteous” and “snare” that appeared in the liturgy. They congratulated another person who, at the end of the Lord’s Prayer, blurted out, “What does ‘amen’ mean?”“Good question!” some exclaimed in unison. It means “truly,” offered one; “so be it,” offered another.These kinds of moments are common at the weekly service where a mix of graduate students and a handful of adults with developmental disabilities share living quarters in three new buildings in the city’s Haymount neighborhood.Jean Vanier. Photo courtesy of Templeton Prize, John MorrisonFriendship House, as they call their co-housing space, is in many ways an outgrowth of the thinking of Jean Vanier, the Catholic theologian and humanitarian who died earlier this month and who changed the way many Christians view disability. Insisting on the humanity of all, Vanier worked to tear down the separation between the able and disabled and between those helping and those being helped.His signature creation was L’Arche, a worldwide network of homes where people with and without disabilities live and work as peers. The influence of L’Arche can be found in Friendship Houses, which have adopted Vanier’s core principle of “Eat together, pray together, celebrate together.”READ: ‘Intrinsically worthy’: Jean Vanier’s legacy to people with disabilitiesThere are seven Friendship Houses in the U.S. and one in Scotland. The Fayetteville Friendship House, which opened late last year, is the newest and most novel. While other Friendship Houses are affiliated with seminaries or Christian universities, Fayetteville’s is intended to allow students in health care professions the opportunity to learn from disabled people.It is the brainchild of Scott Cameron, a physician and a graduate of Duke Divinity School, who realized he needed to change his own attitude about some of the diagnoses he delivers to parents of babies he cares for in the neonatal intensive care unit at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. With Friendship House, Cameron aims to extend that insight into a larger group of health care students.“I think it will help them change the way they view disabilities, not as something that is broken, but something that can be celebrated,” he said.Cameron and his family — his wife is a public school teacher — moved into a newly constructed house next to Friendship House last year. The Camerons often lead joint activities there.Two of the three Friendship House buildings in Fayetteville, N.C. RNS photo by Yonat ShimronThe campus, with three buildings, a barn and a garden, cost about $1.5 million to build. Much of that was raised through partnerships with businesses and nonprofits. The land was given by Highland Presbyterian Church, which is located across the street.The house is meant to attract those studying to be nurses, doctors, physician assistants, physical therapists and occupational therapists at four nearby universities and a community college. At full capacity, it will house 18 students and six people with developmental disabilities.Each resident pays a monthly rent of $450, including utilities, and is provided a bedroom on a single-sex unit. Each unit includes a disabled person and three students.But the students are not caretakers or babysitters. They are there mostly to offer social support.“My job is to be a friend,” said Victor Long, 30, who graduated from Campbell University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine this month and shares a Friendship House apartment with Michael Brown, a 24-year-old man with autism.“I go about my daily living. If I go grocery shopping or out to eat with friends, I try to get Michael involved, to be social,” said Long, who begins a residency at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center next month.Michael Brown, standing right, helps plant some raised beds at Friendship House in Fayetteville, N.C. Photo courtesy of Avery CameronThat help with socialization is a key part of what draws people with disabilities to the house.“Our son loves Friendship House and I think this is the first time in his life where he’s felt like he has a network of friends,” said Brenda Brown, Michael’s mother. “That’s probably the biggest thing he’s gotten so far.”The first Friendship House opened in 2007 at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Mich. Matthew Floding, then dean of students, said a couple approached him at church and told him they wanted their disabled son to live independently but couldn’t find a safe place for him.At the time, the seminary was looking to provide more housing for its students, and the idea of pairing students with people with disabilities was born.Floding, now director of ministerial formation at Duke Divinity School, said the need for housing may have sparked the project, but theological considerations also played a role. A co-housing arrangement would provide students entering ministry the opportunity to live among marginalized people — people like those Jesus ministered to.“How can you train people to serve all people if you don’t address it in your curriculum or experientially?” he asked.An estimated 4.6 million Americans have an intellectual or developmental disability, according to The Arc, a national organization that advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.Developmental disabilities may include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, developmental delay, autism and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Intellectual disability generally means an IQ test score of approximately 70 or below.Unlike L’Arche homes, which welcome people with profound disabilities (and also receive federal and state support), the adults with disabilities living in Friendship Houses typically have mild delays such as autism or Down syndrome. Most have high school diplomas and some hold driver’s licenses.Participants pray together after the spring planting and dedication of raised beds at Friendship House in Fayetteville, N.C. Photo courtesy of Avery CameronLike at the L’Arche homes, faith binds the residents together. While no one has to profess a Christian faith, or any faith, residents are expected to participate in the weekly prayer service.That was something Chasity Sullivan, 26, welcomed.“I’m a Christian and had been looking for a church — and hadn’t found the right one — and this offered a faith community,” said Sullivan, who is studying at Methodist University to be a physician’s assistant.Floding said he is interested in developing an interfaith Friendship House, perhaps on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. But for now, most of the interest has come from Christian seminaries: Princeton Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Luther Seminary are all considering opening their own Friendship Houses, he said.For Cameron, who took his Friendship House residents on a hayride around town after prayer services on a recent Tuesday evening, it’s a worthy effort.“We need to be in community with folks who have disabilities more than they need to be with us,” said Cameron. “There’s something that they bring. It’s a leveling effect, where ambition and the career ladder and your bank account balance, they become silly.”The relaxing front porch of a Friendship House building in Fayetteville, N.C. RNS photo by Yonat Shimron By: Yonat Shimron YonatShimron Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email,About the authorView All Posts News Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.,In St. Louis, ‘Grill to Glory’ deploys churches (and hot dogs) for communi … DIY Faith • News Share This! Share This!center_img News Buttigieg walks fine line in courting religious left August 29, 2019 Dinner church movement sets the table for food, faith and friendships August 29, 2019 By: Yonat Shimron YonatShimron Share This! By: Yonat Shimron YonatShimron Yonat Shimron Yonat Shimron is an RNS National Reporter and Senior Editor.,Add Comment Click here to post a comment Pete Buttigieg: Religious left is ‘stirring’ August 29, 2019 To Botham Jean’s parents, fatal shooting still feels ‘as if it just happened’ Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Share This!last_img read more

Developing Legal Group Challenges the System Fights Black Laws

first_img1928 • U. Grant Tyler, Roy S. Bond, Emory Cole and John Hampton outside the Banneker Law Building, which was owned by African-American lawyers.After half a century of practicing law in Maryland, by 1935, Black attorneys were still denied entrance into bar associations.The two local groups at the time—the Maryland State Bar Association and the Bar Association of Baltimore City—offered professional comradery and mentorship opportunities to its members.“It was a way of networking and formally passing down information,” University of Maryland law Professor Larry Gibson says. “Older lawyers, in a social setting, could share information with younger lawyers and mutually help each other.”The doors to those professional organizations were closed to Baltimore’s Black lawyers, so they created their own brotherhood around a mission to uplift the race. They called it the Monumental City Bar Association.The Early YearsReferences to the Monumental City Bar date back to 1917 although the group’s early work was “spasmodic,” according to an AFRO article that commemorated the organization’s 10th anniversary. The association’s first leader was Cornelius C. Fitzgerald, an attorney who specialized in testamentary law and was considered an authority on wills.It was not until 1921, when W. Ashbie Hawkins became president, that he “led [the Monumental City Bar] into prominence with a new program of cooperation, legal supervision for race people and a fight on the ‘black laws’ of Maryland,” the AFRO article reads.The members of the group met each month, held discussions and formed committees.“They were a collective voice,” says Gibson.Although the attorneys led their own practices—some representing civil organizations such as the local NAACP and the AFRO—they united on civil rights concerns, opposed discriminatory laws, and endorsed politicians.Marshall’s Role1936 • Monumental City Bar Association, regular meeting letter.The Monumental City Bar was incorporated in April 1935. The group’s secretary was Thurgood Marshall, who would later become the nation’s first Black Supreme Court Justice. Gibson says Marshall drew up the legal group’s incorporation papers and filed them with the state.When Marshall was a newly-minted member of the Maryland Bar in 1933, he was denied office space to start his law practice because of his race. He finally found a workplace with two members of the Monumental City Bar—Warner T. McGuinn and William Alfred Carroll Hughes Jr. They leased the sixth floor of the old Phoenix Building in downtown Baltimore.“They were the first Black lawyers below Fayette Street,” says Gibson. “Most of the other Black lawyers were in the Banneker building on 14 East Pleasant Street, which is still occupied by Black lawyers.”Marshall’s first big civil rights win came the same year the Monumental City Bar was founded. The case forced the University of Maryland’s law school to admit applicant Donald Gains Murray and thus all qualified Black students.“Marshall felt strongly about this case because of his dismay, when he was about to begin his own legal studies, that he could not attend the Maryland school,” according to an AFRO article chronicling Marshall’s life in 1960.His work with the University of Maryland set the stage for his most memorable case, Brown v. Board of Education, which led to the desegregation of all public schools.The Black Legal BodyServing as the “legal body” for the Black community, the members of the Monumental City Bar adopted resolutions regarding legislation, even sending telegrams to lawmakers urging their support of bills that were important to the race such as the anti-lynching bill.In 1935, more than 22 cities on the East Coast had Black lawyers in their respective state’s attorney’s offices, but Maryland’s J. Bernard Wells told the AFRO: “I am afraid that Maryland is not ready for the appointment of a colored man [in this office].” Monumental City Bar members reacted by submitting petitions for the state’s attorney to appoint Black lawyers.Members were also active in the National Bar Association, comprised of Black attorneys from across the country. Marshall served as secretary in 1937, and the Monumental City Bar often hosted NBA conferences.1934 • Lawyers attend the National Bar Association in Baltimore.Prominent MembersFormer Monumental City Bar president, E. Everett Lane, was the “first robed judge south of the Mason Dixon line,” according to an AFRO article. Lane was appointed by Maryland Governor Theodore McKeldin in 1957 as associate judge of what was then the People’s Court of Baltimore City—a local court that handled 19,000 cases annually. That same year, Lane was among the first three Blacks admitted to Baltimore’s bar association. He was also a veteran, having enlisted in World War I and having been honorably discharged as an army sergeant.Lane called his work on the People’s Court “fascinating, but challenging…For the rights and welfare of many people must be guarded, and there are many cases in which those involved are unable, financially to procure counsel,” according to a speech referenced in a 1957 AFRO article.Law was an integral part of the attorney’s family. His father was one of the first Blacks allowed to practice in Maryland, and Lane says he was named after Maryland’s first Black lawyer, Everett Waring.A brother pair with ties to the legal group also contributed during this time period. The Kogers are said to have opened the first law firm in the country owned by Black brothers. Linwood G. and Azzie B. Koger were veterans who graduated from Howard University’s law school.Roy S. Bond was credited with more divorces than any lawyer outside Reno.Despite their similar interests in increasing opportunities for Black people, the pair had distinct strengths. Azzie B. Koger was more scholarly, writing about the history of Black lawyers and ministers. His brother Linwood Koger was more active as a lawyer, presiding over the Monumental City Bar for several terms, working as an assistant city solicitor, and heading the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP. Linwood was also one of the first Blacks to run for the state legislature and Congress. The well-known attorney also became a judge and made an impression on a 13-year-old Gibson.“He’s the first Black judge I ever saw in my life,” Gibson recalls. “I have the clearest recollection of going down to the Northwestern Police District…Seeing this Black judge up there, as far as I was concerned, he might as well have been on the Supreme Court.”Another set of brothers opened a law firm in 1931—Cornelius C. and William L. Fitzgerald. The two-office firm specialized in real estate, fire, and automobile insurance. The elder brother, Cornelius, was Monumental City Bar’s first leader. The former city councilman and president of the board of trustees for Provident Hospital died of an illness in 1935, just months after the group’s incorporation.William Fitzgerald’s legal career spanned more than 60 years. He was also a Monumental City Bar president, and he represented Baltimore’s 17th Ward on the city council from 1919-1923. An AFRO article in 1950 announced he was the first Black person to pass Maryland’s written law exam.The younger Fitzgerald brother was a powerful voice behind the years-long campaign to increase Black teachers’ salaries. He was also a powerhouse real estate attorney, and the Housing Authority often called on him for help planning sites for low rent housing. His goal was to “make homes and investment property on principal streets available to members of his race,” according to his 1961 eulogy in the AFRO.Another active member of the Monumental City Bar, Roy S. Bond, owned one of the largest divorce practices on the East Coast. An AFRO article credited him with more divorces than any attorney outside Reno.“A White lawyer told me lines would come out of the building to see Roy Bond,” says Gibson. “He was handing out more than one divorce decree in the same day. The highest I found he issued was 12 [in the same day].”Bond served four terms as president of the Monumental City Bar, often mentoring up-and-coming attorneys and letting them take over some of his divorce cases.Although many of Maryland’s first Black lawyers championed civil rights cases, “they had to make a living,” explains Gibson. “Bread and butter work for lawyers was divorces.”By the 1950’s, the coalition of Black attorneys started winning local and state appointments, but it would be over the next two decades that they truly began to play a prominent role in the state and country’s political scene.last_img read more

Delays likely as road closed for several weeks as defective sewer fixed

first_imgWork on the defective Sewer on Crewe Road in Alsager (Image: Malcolm Hart) Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA road in a South Cheshire town is set to be closed for several weeks as roadworks take place. The B5077 Crewe Road in Alsager is shut as United Utilities carry out work on the route. The work is currently expected to be completely by July 29. United Utilities are carrying out the work to repair a defective sewer in the area. The work, which involves an ‘open cut excavation’ is required immediately to ‘prevent circumstances that might cause damage to property’, according to the utility company. Police search for missing woman Read MoreTop stories on StokeonTrentLive Dad slams ‘disgusting’ hospital windowcenter_img Driver named following fatal collision Punter found hiding in bushes Follow StokeonTrentLive Download our app – You can download our free app for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store , or get the Android version from Google Play . Follow StokeonTrentLive on Facebook – Like our Facebook page to get the latest news in your feed and join in the lively discussions in the comments. Click here to give it a like! Follow us on Twitter – For breaking news and the latest stories, click here to follow SOTLive on Twitter . Follow us on Instagram – Featuring pictures past and present from across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South Cheshire – and if you tag us in your posts, we could repost your picture on our page! We also put the latest news in our Instagram Stories. Click here to follow StokeonTrentLive on Instagram .last_img read more

Pinpoint celebrates its 20th anniversary in style

first_imgGuests enjoy the candy barSource = ETB News: Tom Neale Founder, Kim Harding Pinpoint Travel Group celebrated 20 years of wholesaling success as at an event in Rozelle yesterday.The Group used the night to unveil a range of new impressive brand initiatives – including glossy brochures, the introduction of a new trade website and the launch of “The Collection”, a comprehensive guide to the more quirky and boutique product offerings with the Group. Pinpoint’s Marketing Director, Vanessa Ligovich, said that Pinpoint was well placed to take advantage of the growth in the premium market.“Around 48% of the affluent market take four holidays a year, and half of this group will spend up to $30,000 on their holiday. The Collection caters to this market, featuring over 230 modern, luxurious and boutique properties”, Ms Ligovich said.One of the centrepieces of the night, The Collection, is a compilation of the Pinpoint’s 4 and 5 star properties worldwide, in an A4 style brochure.Pinpoint Travel Group is one of Australia’s leading independent wholesalers and includes Freestyle Holidays, Rosie Holidays and United Vacations. Guests (L-R) Yasmin Samsudin, Balljid Kour (Tourism Malaysia), Amanda Hennessey (Pinpoint Travel Group)last_img read more

Destination Canada ready to welcome Indians in big numbers

first_imgThe Honourable Maxime Bernier, Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism and Agriculture, at Rendez-vous Canada in Niagara Falls, announced the new operating name for the Canadian Tourism Commission to be ‘Destination Canada’.Speaking on the opening of Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) 2015 to over 1500 participants, he said, “This re-branding of our corporate profile better reflects our business and clearly defines ourselves internationally. Destination Canada is an important milestone for us all as we continue to build on our successes, refresh our vision, and set ourselves up to be even more competitive in the future.”Special mention was made about India from where tourist numbers had grown by 19% in 2014. Canada issued 1, 52,985 visas to Indians.Over the next few months, steps will be taken on re-branding the collateral and assets. The consumer brand identity, ‘Canada, Keep Exploring’ will be retained to connect with travellers in the marketing efforts.Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration said, “Our government is committed to fostering economic and people-to-people ties by making it easier for travellers to come to Canada, whether for business or tourism purposes. Visas are a challenge but we continue to improve the system with eTA for a few countries. The number of countries will increase quickly. eTA will be on a voluntary (testing) basis until March 2016 when it will become mandatory. It would be valid for five years.”“Events such as RVC present opportunities for CTC to position Canada’s small and medium-sized tourism businesses to take advantage of international growth opportunities, increase revenues and create jobs,” highlighted David Goldstein, President and CEO, Destination Canada.This bold new identity represents an exciting new chapter. Destination Canada is a great name for a great organisation with an extremely bright future ahead.The Honourable Maxime Bernier, Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism and Agriculture, at Rendez-vous Canada in Niagara Falls, announced the new operating name for the Canadian Tourism Commission to be ‘Destination Canada’.Speaking on the opening of Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) 2015 to over 1500 participants, he said, “This re-branding of our corporate profile better reflects our business and clearly defines ourselves internationally. Destination Canada is an important milestone for us all as we continue to build on our successes, refresh our vision, and set ourselves up to be even more competitive in the future.”Special mention was made about India from where tourist numbers had grown by 19% in 2014. Canada issued 1, 52,985 visas to Indians.Over the next few months, steps will be taken on re-branding the collateral and assets. The consumer brand identity, ‘Canada, Keep Exploring’ will be retained to connect with travellers in the marketing efforts.Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration said, “Our government is committed to fostering economic and people-to-people ties by making it easier for travellers to come to Canada, whether for business or tourism purposes. Visas are a challenge but we continue to improve the system with eTA for a few countries. The number of countries will increase quickly. eTA will be on a voluntary (testing) basis until March 2016 when it will become mandatory. It would be valid for five years.”“Events such as RVC present opportunities for CTC to position Canada’s small and medium-sized tourism businesses to take advantage of international growth opportunities, increase revenues and create jobs,” highlighted David Goldstein, President and CEO, Destination Canada.This bold new identity represents an exciting new chapter. Destination Canada is a great name for a great organisation with an extremely bright future ahead.last_img read more

This Uplifting Tale of a Thrifty Woman Who Amassed a Fortune of

first_img May 8, 2018 Add to Queue 4 min read This Uplifting Tale of a Thrifty Woman Who Amassed a Fortune of Millions Is Also Kind of Discouraging Register Now » Next Article How to Become a Millionaire Entrepreneur Staff Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalscenter_img –shares Peter Page The transition from wage slave to millionaire is pondered by many but successfully made by very few. One who accomplished it is the late Sylvia Bloom. Shortly before her death in 2016 at age 96 she surprised everyone who knew her by revealing a net worth of roughly $9 million, which she left mostly to scholarship funds.Bloom, the subject of a beautiful New York Times profile prompted by revelation of her $6.24 million bequest to the Henry Street Settlement, amassed her fortune through a combination of hard work, thrift and sensible investing that serves as an example for everyone struggling today for financial security. A little reading between the lines, however, reveals she got some important help along the way which once was available widely but now is not so much.Related: How Student Loans Are Crushing Millennial EntrepreneurialismBloom was born to immigrant parents in Brooklyn generations before it was cool. She grew up during the Great Depression, so everyone traumatized by the Great Recession can appreciate she had a rough start in life. She attended New York City’s public schools, eventually earning her bachelor degree attending New York’s public Hunter College at night while eking out a living working days (Bloom bequeathed $1 million for scholarships to Hunter College). In 1947, Bloom was one of the first support staff hired at the newly-founded Wall Street law firm of Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, where she worked for 67 years as it grew to an international firm of 1,200 lawyers. Its “our practice” page lists 64 categories beginning with “Africa” and concluding with “white-collar defense and investigations.”Bloom’s niece, Jane Lockshin, told The New York Times her aunt paid attention to the stocks the Wall Street attorneys she worked for bought. When they bought, she bought (and presumably sold when they sold).Indisputably, she was thrifty. It seems no one ever saw her take a cab of any sort — yellow, Uber or Lyft. The day of the 9/11 attacks she was at work until she evacuated on foot (the Twin Towers were located near the offices of Cleary Gottlieb). She walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and took a bus home to the rent-stabilized apartment she shared for decades with her husband, a firefighter who became a public school teacher and part-time pharmacist in retirement. They had no children.Related: Loss of Net Neutrality Risks a Less Friendly Internet for EntrepreneursThis part of Bloom’s life story fits the uplifting narrative of self-determination: work hard, skimp, save, invest. Those are choices everyone can make for themselves. But many of the wise choices she made are more problematic today. A college degree is still a major asset in the job market worth working hard for, as Bloom did, but she probably graduated owing little or nothing. Today, 44.2 million Americans carry an average student loan burden of $37,000. The average monthly student loan payment for borrowers aged 20 to 30 years is $351.The rent-stabilized apartment in Brooklyn certainly had to have made it easier for Bloom to find money to invest. The median asking rent in New York City is around $2800 per month now. Like lots of young people today, Bloom went to work for a startup. Unlike lots of young people hustling in the gig economy today, she took a full-time job with an employer who provided benefits and a solid employment guarantee. Her husband was assured a pension when he retired from FDNY, unlike people today struggling to fund their own retirements.Related: 6 Regions Where Tech Jobs Boom the Housing Is Scary Expensive“She was a child of the Depression and she knew what it was like not to have money,” her niece said. “She had great empathy for other people who were needy and wanted everybody to have a fair shake.”Sylvia Bloom achieved something remarkable and rare, but you get the sense reading her story that she wasn’t smug about it. You get the feeling she would emphasize with the many thrifty people who, instead of slowly building wealthy, are hustling just to stay afloat. Maybe they can put a couple of bucks away for better times, but rent and loan payments come first. Image credit: Henry Street Settlement You can mimic her hard work and frugality but good luck finding a guaranteed cheap apartment or a college degree without student debt. Senior Editor for Green Entrepreneur Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right.last_img read more

Zenefits CEO Resigns Amid Compliance Issues

first_img The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. Zenefits CEO Resigns Amid Compliance Issues Image credit: Zenefits Add to Queue Reuters Apply Now » 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List Next Article center_img This story originally appeared on Reuters Zenefits Zenefits, a software startup valued at $4.5 billion, said on Monday it had replaced founder and Chief Executive Parker Conrad and appointed a new leader for the troubled tech company.David Sacks, a former executive at Yammer and PayPal who joined Zenefits a year ago as chief operating officer, has taken over as CEO.”The fact is that many of our internal processes, controls, and actions around compliance have been inadequate, and some decisions have just been plain wrong,” Sacks said in a letter to employees. “As a result, Parker has resigned.”Zenefits provides software for businesses to automate aspects of their human resources services, including healthcare benefits, stock options, maternity leave and vacation time.Once considered by venture capitalists as the fastest-growing software startup, Zenefits has come under fire for allegedly flouting insurance laws and failing to deliver on promises to customers. It is the latest example of a unicorn — a venture-backed tech firm worth $1 billion or more — whose business appears far less sound than investors believed it to be.Recently, Zenefits came under investigation in Washington state for allegations it let unlicensed brokers sell health coverage. Media site BuzzFeed reported, following an investigation of the company, that it allowed salespeople without licenses to act as insurance brokers in at least seven states.San Francisco-based Zenefits said on Monday it appointed its first chief compliance officer, who is in charge of ensuring that the company complies with regulations and broker licensing requirements.”Our culture and tone have been inappropriate for a highly regulated company,” Sacks said.In a statement released by Zenefits, Conrad said he was proud of the company “but recognize that our company’s management infrastructure and policies haven’t kept pace with our meteoric growth.”Reuters could not immediately reach Conrad for comment.The company also said Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and a high-profile Silicon Valley investor, would join the board.Zenefits launched as a high-tech health insurance broker, working as the middleman between businesses and healthcare providers such as Anthem Blue Cross, making money off the commission or broker fee. That sparked a turf war with traditional brokers across the country.It also waged battles with insurance regulators who argued that Zenefits could not give its free software to businesses while also serving as their insurance broker.Conrad, a survivor of testicular cancer and advocate for healthcare reform, founded the company in 2013. He raised more than $500 million from investors, including two rounds of financing from venture firm Andreessen Horowitz within four months.At one point, the company was growing 30 percent month-over-month, and it hired thousands of employees and opened offices in Arizona in 2014 and 2015.(Reporting by Heather Somerville; Editing by Peter Cooney) February 9, 2016 –shares 3 min readlast_img read more

Connected TV is Transforming the Digital Advertising Ecosystem Extreme Reachs Latest Video

first_imgImpact of CTV’s Surging Popularity Includes Highest-Ever Completion Rate and Longer Ad LengthWith impressions increasing nearly 60 percent year over year, connected TV (CTV) advertising now accounts for nearly half of impressions served, reveals the latest Video Benchmark Report from Extreme Reach (ER), the complete creative asset management solution for the ad industry. Based on Q1 2019 performance metrics from the company’s platform, AdBridge, and specifically its proprietary video ad server, the report highlights the massive impact of CTV on multiple aspects of digital advertising.The CTV-driven transformation is accelerating in parallel with consumers’ shifting media consumption preferences. According to a report issued by Nielsen in March 2019, 68 percent of U.S. households had a connected TV device (e.g., Roku, Apple TV) by Q3 2018. At the same time, use of ad-supported streaming services like Hulu and a host of emerging entrants in the field is surging. And where the audience goes, ad dollars soon follow. While OTT advertising budgets are currently just 3 percent of TV ad budgets, Magna Global predicts a 30-plus percent growth rate for both 2019 and 2020.CTV’s Gain is Mobile’s LossWhile the advertising conversation in Q1 2018 revolved around mobile and there was optimism about the adoption of 6-second video ads, Q1 2019 reflects a near-opposite paradigm. Mobile video ads, at just 25 percent of all impressions, are at their lowest since Q1 2017 and 6-second ad impressions are negligible.CTV impressions, on the other hand, are now 49 percent of the total, or nearly double those of mobile. Because these ads are generally unskippable, they have an unprecedented 97 percent completion rate.Marketing Technology News: Selligent Marketing Cloud Study Reveal Digital Marketers Struggle to Deliver Consistent Omnichannel ExperiencesThe Rise of One- and Two-Minute Ads As noted in prior benchmark reports, the growth of CTV and its unskippable ad inventory is driving a shift to longer ad lengths. In Q4 2018, 30-second ads first displaced 15-second spots as the most common ad length, and the growth trend has continued. 30-second ads accounted for 69 percent of all ads in Q1 2019, a 20 percent increase over the prior quarter.While 30-second spots have a clear majority and 15-seconds are in second place, ER projects that ads of 60-seconds and longer will become more prevalent in the coming quarters. Still just 3 percent of all ads, the quantity of 60-second ads increased nearly 5-fold from Q1 2018 to Q1 2019. 2-minute ads registered for the first time on the ER Benchmark radar in Q1 2019 at just 0.1 percent of ads. With a growing, captive CTV audience, ER expects these longer ads to rise rapidly.Marketing Technology News: Aprimo Recognized as Winner for 2019 Microsoft Media & Communications Partner of the YearPremium Publishers Lead The rise of CTV has reached critical mass for the sell side of the media-buying equation who can now capitalize on multi-channel content consumption and optimize the value of their highly-targeted, measurable audiences. CTV inventory is almost exclusively sold by premium publishers directly to agencies and advertisers and this has driven up the percentage of overall impressions served to premium publishers, along with video completion rates and an increase in longer ads as noted above. In Q1, 82 percent of video impressions served by Extreme Reach ran on premium publisher sites and the video completion rates for those publishers hit a record high of 93 percent, a year over year increase of 8 percent from Q1 2018.“The digital advertising ecosystem is undergoing a total disruption which is driven by the growth of non-linear TV formats. The upside is significant for nearly everyone,” stated Mary Vestewig, Senior Director, Video Account Management at Extreme Reach. “Publishers are able to maximize the value of their inventory which will bring the revenue needed to create more high-quality programming. Meanwhile, audiences have an unprecedented selection of entertainment options and with new capabilities for targeting they should get more personalized and relevant advertising.”This report marks the addition of six new benchmarks for ER. Metrics for the In-View Start Rate, In-View Completion Rate, Audible Start Rate, Audible Completion Rate, Average Duration In-View and Average Duration Audible are now included. The data sheds light on how much of the actual ad can be seen or heard both when the ad starts and when it stops playing as well as the total duration, in seconds. Further insights on these trends will be provided in the Q2 2019 Benchmarks Report.Marketing Technology News: Say It Now and Booxscale win Amazon’s European Alexa Cup Connected TV is Transforming the Digital Advertising Ecosystem: Extreme Reach’s Latest Video Benchmarks Report Shows 49% of Video Ad Impressions Going to CTV MTS Staff WriterJuly 2, 2019, 11:28 amJuly 2, 2019 AdBridgeasset management solutionConnected TVMarketing TechnologyNewsVideo Benchmark Report Previous ArticleDigital Technology, Automation and Sourcing for Contact Centers the Focus of ISG Smartalks WebinarNext Article93% of Teens Are Relieved to Escape Social Media at Overnight Summer Camp, Finds Survey by Screen Education and JCC Association of North Americalast_img read more

Traffic light labels influence people to choose healthier and more sustainable meals

first_img Source: Reviewed by Alina Shrourou, B.Sc. (Editor)Mar 19 2019People are likely to choose healthier and more sustainable canteen meals if they are labeled with a traffic light system, according to research from Queen Mary University of London.The study, published in the journal Appetite, also shows that in some cases people were even inclined to choose ‘greener’ meals over ‘healthier’ meals.The researchers looked at the use of traffic lights in a simulated lunchtime canteen set up, for which the colors (red, amber, green) were designed to indicate how environmentally friendly and how healthy the meal options were.The idea being that, when people see the traffic lights associated with different meals, they will opt for the more environmentally friendly options and the healthy options.Previous studies have examined the impact of traffic light systems on consumer choices for individual food products, but this study considered their use in an everyday simulated lunch time set up much like the kinds of situation where people make actual meal choices.This kind of behavioral intervention designed to improve decisions in our day-to-day lives is commonly known as a ‘nudge’.What is novel about this study is that it is able to compare the relative impact of traffic lights, as nudges, to support positive changes in behavior when the traffic lights indicate healthy eating, and when they indicate environmental friendliness.The findings also show that when accompanied with more information about what the traffic lights refer to, such as the actual values of daily calorie intake and acceptable levels of carbon emissions, this then boosted the positive changes towards healthier and more environmentally friendly meals.Dr Magda Osman, lead author of the study from Queen Mary University of London, said: “We show that using traffic light labels on menus influences the meals people choose, and so this simple technique could easily be implemented on menus in bars, cafes, restaurants as well as canteens, to indicate to people the greenness as well as the healthiness of food items.Related StoriesComplement system shown to remove dead cells in retinitis pigmentosa, contradicting previous researchDynamic Light Scattering measurements in concentrated solutionsRetina can restructure itself following gene therapy”In addition, and more importantly, the findings show that the persuasive effects are boosted by general information about daily calorie intakes and acceptable levels of carbon emissions associated with meals. This means, that while traffic light nudges are intuitive to understand, people need additional information to interpret more precisely what the different colors of traffic lights actually refer to.”The study involved seeing pictures of meals available during lunch that participants could choose from where the range of meals were more or less healthy, and more or less environmentally friendly. The experiment compared meal choices when no traffic lights were present, and then when they were present, and looked at the changes in meal choices based on the presence of the traffic lights.Although presenting two traffic lights, one indicating ‘greener’ meals and the other indicating ‘healthier’ meals, at the same time might overload the consumer, the researchers found that presenting both compared to just one actually boosted the positive effect on consumer meal choices.Dr Osman added: “Given the current social policy interests in persuading people to make choices that mean we eat more sustainably, which means eating less red meat, less of depleted fish stocks, and less dairy, and move towards eating more vegetables, then studies like the one we conducted help to show what methods could be used to inform people about sustainable meal options in a clear and intuitive manner.” last_img read more

Humans will review video from most popular YouTube creators

The videos being targeted are ones Google packages to advertisers as “preferred” content. While Google has had human reviewers before, it relies heavily on software to flag potential problems. YouTube was criticized for moving too slowly after one of its stars, Logan Paul, posted video of what appears to be a suicide victim.Google said Tuesday evening that it will impose tougher requirements on which video creators can make money from ads.Advertisers don’t want their ads—YouTube’s lifeblood—running next to troubling videos. Last year, Google promised to be more vigilant about stopping terrorist propaganda and extremist content, including using human reviewers. Weird videos aimed at children have also worried advertisers. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Humans will review video from most popular YouTube creators (2018, January 17) retrieved 18 July 2019 from Google says humans will now review video from its most popular YouTube creators after recent complaints. This Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013, file photo shows Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Google says humans will now review video from its most popular YouTube creators after recent complaints. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File) Explore further YouTube toughens rules regarding which videos get ads © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. read more

Apples pulls iPhone 7 8 from German stores in patent spat

first_img © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Apple is pulling older models of its iPhone from German stores after losing two patent cases brought by chipmaker Qualcomm, the company said Thursday. Citation: Apples pulls iPhone 7, 8 from German stores in patent spat (2018, December 20) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Explore further Apple risks iPhone ban in Germany after court case losscenter_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Credit: CC0 Public Domain A regional court in Munich ruled that Apple and its subsidiaries had breached a European patent held by San Diego-based Qualcomm, which has pursued similar cases elsewhere around the world.”Qualcomm’s campaign is a desperate attempt to distract from the real issues between our companies,” Apple said in a statement.”Their tactics, in the courts and in their everyday business, are harming innovation and harming consumers,” it said. “Qualcomm insists on charging exorbitant fees based on work they didn’t do and they are being investigated by governments all around the world for their behavior.”Apple said that pending its appeal, the sale of iPhone 7 and 8 models will be halted at the 15 Apple stores in Germany. The company noted, however, that all iPhone models remain available from cellphone carriers and resellers in the country.The Munich court said Apple is “banned from offering or distributing unlicensed” devices that use the disputed patent, which regulates the amount of energy provided to the phones’ telecom chips.Apple said the iPhone X, which was also mentioned in the verdict, has since been replaced by a newer model.The court also ruled that Qualcomm should receive unspecified damages from Apple.It’s the second time this month that Apple has been dinged in a legal case brought by Qualcomm. A Chinese court banned some Apple subsidiaries from selling or importing certain iPhones in China after Qualcomm said they infringed on two patents enabling consumers to format photos and manage phone apps using a touch screen. Apple has asked the Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court to reconsider the ruling.last_img read more

Breaking down the pros and cons of trading for Chris Paul

first_imgAccording to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Royce Young, Thunder general manager Sam Presti is working with Paul’s agents to “redirect the nine-time All-Star to a new team” after he was traded from the Houston Rockets for Russell Westbrook. It would be particularly difficult for the Heat, as they are hard-capped after completing a sign-and-trade with the Philadelphia 76ers for Jimmy Butler. The two of them would give the Heat the type of star power they’ve been missing since LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh left Miami, but could they surround them with the role players they’d need to legitimately make a run, especially if they have to part ways with a Justise Winslow, Bam Adebayo or Tyler Herro?The same question applies to any other team in the market for a point guard, such as the Minnesota Timberwolves, Detroit Pistons or Orlando Magic. As well as he might fit, Paul’s contract could be a deal-breaker for some.The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA or its clubs. Presti: “Getting a player of Chris’ caliber gives us another experienced playmaker and leader, while the additional draft picks continue to allow us to further commit to the long-term vision that we are embarking on for the Thunder.” OKC THUNDER (@okcthunder) July 17, 2019The Miami Heat are reportedly one of the teams interested in trading for Paul, although Wojnarowski and Young added that other possibilities are being explored.For whichever team lands Paul, what would they be trading for?The prosAt age 33, Paul averaged 15.6 points per game on 41.9 percent shooting from the field and 35.8 percent from 3-point range. Even though he’s not the All-NBA player he once was, he’s still a versatile scorer who can play with and without the ball in his hands.In addition to still being a solid pick-and-roll scorer, Paul has developed into a big-time isolation scorer on the back end of his career. In his first season with the Rockets, Paul averaged the fourth-most isolation points per game and ranked in the 91st percentile with 1.10 points per possession. While he wasn’t nearly as prolific last season, it didn’t stop him from averaging the fourth-most isolation points per game and ranking in the top half of the league (63rd percentile) in efficiency.Paul has almost certainly peaked as an isolation scorer, but being able to pull-up from 3-point range and midrange at a high rate gives him the tools to get his shot off against mismatches. According to, Paul made 34.5 percent of his 3-point pull-ups and 47.9 percent of his 2-point pull-ups last season. He was even better in 2017-18, knocking down 38.1 percent of his 3-point pull-ups and 52.7 percent of his 2-point pull-ups.Paul is still also one of the better passers in the NBA. He averaged 8.2 assists per game last season while rarely turning the ball over.According to NBA Miner, almost half of Paul’s assists on the season led directly to 3-pointers. It helped him create 21.1 points per game for his teammates, putting him behind only Russell Westbrook (26.5) and John Wall (21.2) for the most in the league.If surrounded by the right players – ideally shooters and a big man he can run pick-and-rolls with – Paul is still more than capable of quarterbacking an efficient offence.As for the other side of the floor, most advanced metrics still make Paul out to be a positive defender. He finished near the top of the league in steals and deflections once again last season, and Houston’s defensive rating improved by 7.7 points per 100 possessions with him on the court.Paul has always played bigger than his size. He’s an incredibly smart defender who has some of the quickest hands in the league. The combination helps him defend multiple positions, even some forwards. Whichever team acquires him would likely get better defensively with him, not worse.The consThe concern for Paul is that he’s an undersized point guard who has struggled to stay healthy over the last three seasons and has shown serious signs of decline entering his mid-30s.Last season with the Rockets, Paul posted a Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of 19.7 percent, which was the lowest mark of his career. His True Shooting Percentage wasn’t much better. The only time Paul combined to shoot worse from the field, perimeter and free throw line was back when he was a rookie and sophomore, almost 15 years ago.That doesn’t mean Paul is suddenly a negative on offence. Far from it. But those aren’t the numbers you’d hope to see from someone who is being paid like one of the best players in the entire league. Paul still has three more years remaining on his current contract, with him being owed $38.5 million in 2019-20, $41.4 million in 2020-21 and $44.2 million in 2021-22.The final year of the deal is a player option, but it’s hard to believe Paul won’t pick it up.For perspective, Stephen Curry is the only player currently slated to make more than Paul next season. After that, only Curry and Russell Westbrook will make more in 2020-21, followed by Curry and John Wall in 2021-22.Those figures will make it difficult for any team to trade for Paul and build around him. All the signs are pointing towards him not being good enough anymore to be the No. 1 option on a playoff team, so he’d need to be paired with another star. However, Paul and another star’s contracts could add up to as much as $80 million a year, leaving little room to fill out the rest of the roster.center_img Chris Paul might not be a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder for very long.last_img read more

Burari deaths CCTV footage reveals more details of suicide plansBurari deaths CCTV

first_imgSHARE In a screengrab from a CCTV camera with a view of the entrance of the Chundawat house is seen members of the family carrying stools, later used in mass hanging. – PTI More morbid details came out in the mysterious deaths of 11 members of a family in Burari here as CCTV footage showed some members bringing stools and wires that were used for their hanging, even as police recovered 11 diaries that were maintained over a period of 11 years.The content of the diaries matched the way the alleged suicides happened, the police said. The diaries had instructions such as “keep water in a cup. When it will change colour, you will be saved.”The family was not expecting to die and thought that “the earth will shake” and “there will be thunder in the sky”, following which they will be saved. Police said that the fact that were in the 11 diaries maintained over a period of eleven years is a coincidence and it is not in any way related to the deaths of the 11 family members.The footage of a camera installed outside a house opposite the residence of the family showed that the elder daughter-in-law of the house, Savita, along with her daughter, Neetu, could be seen bringing five stools that were later used for the members to be hanged.Neetu could be seen in the footage carrying stools accompanied by her mother. Around 10.15 pm, Dhruv and Shivam, the youngest members of the house, were seen taking electrical wires from the plywood shop. These wires were used by the 10 members of the family for hanging. Ten of the 11 members of the Bhatia family were found hanging from an iron-mesh in the ceiling on Sunday, while the body of 77-year-old Narayan Devi, the head of the family, was lying on the floor in another room of the house.Devi’s daughter Pratibha (57), her two sons Bhavnesh (50) and Lalit Bhatia (45) were also among the deceased. Bhavnesh’s wife Savita (48) and their three children – Meenu (23), Nidhi (25), and Dhruv, aged 15, too were found dead. Lalit Bhatia’s wife Tina (42) and their 15-year-old son Shivam were also among those found dead. Pratibha’s daughter Priyanka (33), who was engaged last month and would have married by the end of this year, was also found hanging. human interest COMMENT Delhi Burari deaths: Murders or suicide pact? SHARE SHARE EMAIL Published on RELATED COMMENTS Family members were seen bringing stools, wires for hanging July 05, 2018 crime, law and justice Delhi Burari deaths: Family may have been suffering from ‘shared psychosis’last_img read more

Govt presents awards to King and Queen

first_img Metro News 18 May 2019 King and queen break fast with the public KUALA LUMPUR: Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah was conferred the Darjah Yang Maha Utama Darjah Kerabat Diraja Malaysia by the government.At the same ceremony held at Istana Negara yesterday, Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah was conferred the Darjah Utama Seri Mahkota Negara.The awards to the King and Queen were both presented by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.Sultan Abdullah was proclaimed the sixth Sultan of Pahang on Jan 15 and took the oath of office as the 16th Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Jan 31. Volume 90%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9 facebook twitter Email Link EmbedCopiedLive00:0001:0601:06 Related News Nation 11 Jul 2019 It’s work as usual for the birthday boy Genuinely surprised: Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah feeding each other pulut kuning during a surprise birthday celebration at Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur as Sultan Abdullah and Tunku Azizah look on. — Bernama The King’s installation is scheduled to be held on July 30. Sultan Abdullah and Tunku Azizah later surprised Dr Mahathir and his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali with an impromptu birthday party.The Prime Minister appeared to be genuinely in the dark when the special cake along with a pulut kuning dish were brought into the room to mark his 94th birthday, which was on Wednesday.Dr Siti Hasmah celebrates her 93rd birthday today.Their Majesties then joined in when those present began to serenade Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah with the Happy Birthday song during the cake-cutting ceremony.The piano-shaped cake in black and white was decorated with flowers, a miniature violin, a piece of musical note and books – perhaps a reflection of Dr Mahathir’s well-known love for reading and Dr Siti Hasmah’s passion for music.Dr Mahathir and his wife of 63 years then fed each other a slice of cake witnessed by Sultan Abdullah and Tunku Azizah. — Bernama Nation 12 May 2019 King and Queen break fast with PM and VIPs Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more