SMC students fundraise for cystic fibrosis research

first_imgFor five senior marketing majors at Saint Mary’s, picking a charity for a marketing management class project was one of the easier tasks they have taken on this semester. As part of the class, students must create a fundraising event for a charity of their choice. One group, composed of seniors Antonia Infante, Ashley Ward, Debbie Neal, Liz Leeuw and Jessica Vravis, chose the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, because the members have multiple connections with the disease. “My 18-year-old sister has cystic fibrosis (CF),” Leeuw said. “This is one of the reasons why we chose to raise money for CF and all of the families it affects.” Ward said the group chose to sell tickets to the South Bend Silver Hawks game scheduled for April 20 to target the South Bend community, especially children. “I remember when I was younger and our school would have a night where all the kids and families would come to ‘The Cove,’ or Coveleski Stadium, where the Silver Hawks play,” she said. “It was always a really fun time for everyone involved.” Ward said she babysits for a local two-year-old child with cystic fibrosis, and the boy’s grandfather purchased 50 tickets for his business. The group has sold more than 100 tickets in total, Infante said, and if they sell 100 more, a guest of their choosing may throw the first pitch at the game. Vravis said the Silver Hawks made organizing the fundraiser fairly simple. “When we were deciding on what type of event we wanted to hold, we realized that having a fundraiser for a current event would be the best route to take,” she said. “The Silver Hawks already participate in charity events, so this outlet was perfect for our cause.” Neal said the group created a Facebook page for their fundraiser and hung posters and flyers around campus. They also sold tickets in the Student Center, she said. “We have also advertised for our event at Urban Swirl in Granger, [Ind.], and we were selling tickets at Sam’s Club all weekend,” Leeuw said. “In addition to these advertisements, we have been handing out little bells for people to personalize that have a message about CF on them.” Ward said raising awareness of cystic fibrosis is important to the group, because it is not a well-known disease or a cause to which people often donate. “Research has come so far over the years, and it is all due to donations and people wanting to help,” she said. Ninety cents of every dollar raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation support research, Leeuw said. “We really want CF to get the awareness is deserves,” Leeuw said. “Let’s make CF stand for ‘Cure Found.’” Tickets are available to students, faculty and the greater community and cost $6 each. Donations are also accepted. Ticket orders can be sent to Leeuw at by Wednesday at 5 p.m.last_img read more

MAIB: Polymerization of Styrene Monomer Cargo Caused Stolt Groenland Explosions

first_imgStolt Groenland starboard cargo manifold; Image Courtesy: MAIBThe explosions on board the chemical tanker Stolt Groenland last September were probably caused by the rupture of the deck above 9 starboard cargo tank, followed by the ignition of the styrene monomer vapour that was then released, according to the initial investigation findings by MAIB.The blasts occurred while the ship was readying for a ship-to-ship cargo transfer with Singapore-flagged Product tanker Bow Dalian at the Yeompo Quay in Ulsan, South Korea.According to the report, the vapour started to release from the pressure vacuum valve for Stolt Groenland’s number 9 starboard cargo tank, which contained styrene monomer.Stolt Groenland had loaded 5,250 tonnes of styrene monomer at the LBC terminal in Houston, the U.S.A. in early August before it headed to Japan via the Panama Canal. The cargo was distributed between three stainless steel cargo tanks: numbers 9S, 6P and 6C.As informed, prior to loading, the tanks had been washed and inspected and wall wash tests had been conducted; no problems were recorded. The tanks were not purged with nitrogen before loading and none were adjacent to heated cargoes in accordance with cargo loading instructions.Image Courtesy: MAIBThe concentration of TBC inhibitor in the styrene monomer in the shore tank was 11.3ppm but this was increased by the addition of 3 US gallons of liquid TBC to each of the destination tanks before loading was commenced. The target concentration of the TBC was 17ppm.According to the report findings, the certificate of inhibitor, issued by the cargo surveyor at the time of loading, stated that the TBC should remain effective for between 60 and 90 days. It also stated that the inhibitor was oxygen-dependent and that the ideal temperature for the styrene monomer was between 60ºF and 85ºF (15.5ºC – 29.4ºC). Stolt Groenland did not carry an additional inhibitor.MAIB said that the rupture was due to over-pressurization and the likely sources of the ignition were static electricity, sparks or elevated steel deck plate temperatures resulting from the tank rupture.“A large hole was found in way of the tank’s common bulkhead with number 9 centre (9C) cargo tank and its hatch cover had been blown of. No cargo operations or deck maintenance were in progress at the time. VDR data showed that the temperature of the styrene monomer had reached 100ºC at the time of the explosion. Such an elevated temperature indicates that the cargo was polymerizing,” the report reads.As a result of the incident, the Ulsan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries has prohibited the transport and unloading of some hazardous cargoes, including styrene monomer, at several terminals under the Ulsan bridge.The explosionsTo remind, at 1050 on September 28, two explosions were seen and heard in rapid succession in way of the tanker’s cargo manifold. The resulting fireball passed very close to a road bridge above the quay.The fire on board Stolt Groenland was very intense and large plumes of thick black smoke were emitted. Stolt Groenland’s crew evacuated using the free-fall lifeboat at the stern while Bow Dalian’s crew were taken off by Korean Coastguard boats that had arrived at the scene.The fire was fought from the shore and from the water and lasted until early the following morning. The damage in way of Stolt Groenland’s cargo manifold and accommodation block was extensive.The blasts resulted in several injuries, including those sustained by Stolt Groenland’s gangway watchkeeper, who was blown over the guardrails by the force of the explosion; a deck rating on board Bow Dalian; and, a number of shore workers, including firefighters and police during the emergency response.What is more, a similar incident involving styrene monomer cargo has been reported last month.“On 20 November 2019, the MAIB was informed of an incident on board the Cayman Islands-registered chemical/products tanker Stolt Focus in which the temperature of a styrene monomer cargo had steadily increased. Efforts to stabilize the temperature, including the injection of additional inhibitor, were unsuccessful. Following consultation with chemists ashore, the crew distributed the cargo between four cargo tanks and mixed it with seawater, which stabilized the styrene monomer,” MAIB said.Further investigation is being undertaken into the incident involving Stolt Groenland, which will focus on the factors contributing to the initiation of the polymerization of the styrene monomer, cargo monitoring, and the emergency response.In the interim, chemical tanker owners/operators are reminded to adhere to the carriage and storage instructions details on the safety data sheet, the certificate of inhibitor, and those provided by the charterer. They are also advised to witness the addition of inhibitor into each cargo tank and closely monitor cargo temperature for unexplained increases.They should also ensure that their crews are familiar with the action to take in the event of the styrene monomer self-heating/polymerizing.last_img read more

‘FOR ADULTS ONLY’: Task force keeps eye on motels, lodging houses

first_imgPolice investigators said the girlchecked in with an older man who left hours before the body was discovered. ILOILO City – Motels, lodging housesand similar establishments were warned once more against letting minors in.There were dire consequences, according to Nestor Canong, head of the citygovernment’s Task Force on Morals and Values Formation. Last week Canong had a meeting withsome 40 owners and managers of these establishments and sought their commitmentto uphold the ordinance. To make sure the ordinance is beingfollowed, Canong said his task force would be conducting “discreet operations”.He did not elaborate. Regulation Ordinance ‎No. 2015-447prohibits these establishments from accepting minors and violators face a fineof P5,000, imprisonment of one year and possible cancellation of businesspermit. In June 2016, a 15-year-old naked girlwas found dead at a lodge in Arevalo district. Autopsy results showed she wasbeaten up and had genital lacerations. * any person who keeps or have in hiscompany a minor below 18 years old or who is 10 years or more his junior and isnot a family member, in any lodging houses, hotels, motels, beer joints,discotheques, cabarets, pension houses, saunas or massage parlors, beachresorts or similar places. By prohibiting anybody from spendingtime with minors alone in lodging houses, pension houses, inns, hotels, motels,apartelles and other similar establishments, Regulation Ordinance ‎No. 2015-447hopes to shield youngsters from sexual predators. * any person who, not being a relativeof a minor, is spending time alone with the said minor inside a room or cubicleof a house, an inn, hotel, motel, pension house, apartelle or other similarestablishments, vessels, vehicles or any hidden or secluded area undercircumstances which would lead a reasonable person to believe that the child isabout to be exploited in prostitution and other sexual abuse; and Canong said he told the owners andmanagers to “lantawon gid kon sin-o anggasulolod. Ma- deploy silapersonnel sa mga entrances to ensure waay makasulod nga minors.” Regulation Ordinance No. 2015-447,approved in November 2015, specified suspicious circumstances that should be acause for alarm and must be prohibited. Two of these were: Under the ordinance, motels andsimilar establishments are required to post the notice “No Entry/Admittance ofMinors” in their entrances and/or any conspicuous places in their premises. “Sanguna diskarte sang mga kalalakinhan kon may edad gani, apo kuno nila upod nila.Kon medyo bata bata pa sila, hinablos kuno ang upod or partidos,” said Canong./PNlast_img read more

Cosmos Buffaloes RFC trashed Accra Sharks RFC in Rugby Club Championship

first_imgThe defending champions of the Ghana Rugby Club Championship (GRCC), Cosmos Buffaloes RFC, won their second match by beating Accra Sharks RFC 87-6 in the ongoing GRCC League on Sunday at the Accra Sports Stadium.The Buffaloes who played largely with new players due to the transfer of 9 key players to other clubs surprised spectators with quality rugby play.According to Mr. Amuzuloh Salim, manager and coach of Cosmos Buffaloes RFC, the performance of his team on the day was beyond expectation, describing it as a shocker. Speaking to the press, Mr. Salim noted how the dream of retaining the trophy was almost shattered after selling the team’s key players to other clubs in order to raise funds for the club.He said the team’s performance has boosted their enthusiasm to fight harder to retain the trophy by the end of the season.“I’m very excited today because I wasn’t expecting my boys to play spectacularly like this looking at what happened to the club in the past two weeks where most of our key-players were sold to other clubs. I’m grateful to my boys for making me proud because initially I thought it’s impossible to retain the cup but with this performance I’m sure we can win the league again,” he said. There was a presentation of First Aid boxes to all clubs by Mr. Amuzuloh Salim, who is also a member of the Greater Accra Rugby Association (GARA), on behalf of GARA. Mr. Amuzuloh Salim hands over a First Aid box to Mr. Mr. Nizar El-Aschkar, owner of Accra Sharks RFC, on behalf of the Greater Accra Rugby Association (GARA) on Day 3 of the ongoing Ghana Rugby Club Championship (GRCC) at the Accra Sports Stadium. The Cosmos Buffaloes RFC team that beat the Accra Sharks RFC team Accra Sharks RFC poses for a team picture before the kickoff against Cosmos Buffaloes RFC The match officials for Day 3 of the ongoing Ghana Rugby Club Championship (GRCC) at the Accra Sports Stadium. As usual spectators were treated with a Women’s 7s team match prior to the main event Day 3 of the ongoing Ghana Rugby Club Championship (GRCC) at the Accra Sports Stadium. A Cosmos Buffaloes RFC player breaks through the defences of the Accra Sharks RFClast_img read more