Ray Rice wants to help Kareem Hunt using his own experience

first_imgHunt was released by the Chiefs on Friday after the team learned about the video dating back to a February altercation with a woman in a Cleveland hotel. The video showed Hunt shoving a woman and kicking her while she was hunched over on the ground.”Peer-to-peer, I would definitely try to help him figure out, ‘How can we start dealing with the underlying problems in your life?'” Rice said. “Because he has a long life to live, this will be a defining moment, but it shouldn’t be the moment that defines you. For me, I just see you have a long life to live and that doesn’t mean just playing football — you need to just live one day at a time. Related News NFL didn’t interview Kareem Hunt, woman during investigation of February incident, report says Rice, whose NFL career was cut short after he was seen punching his now-wife in a video, referenced his own experience and the moment he realized he needed help. He also said he wants to use what he learned from his experience to help others around the NFL that may need it.”And I say that to myself. I just look at the situation and say, ‘Your life wasn’t being threatened.’ So, if there was just words, you can back out of that situation — so somewhere there’s got to [show] some strength to deal with that properly. It is hard to practice what to do in the most intense moments and about making those split-second decisions. I have taken a deeper look at my own life — and I think what was his upbringing like? That’s just how I look at it. I know my upbringing wasn’t perfect. And I know that’s where I masked a lot of my problems.”I have seen great examples of guys who got this right. When I was playing, Anquan Boldin was the greatest example of what it can look like to love football and love your family. There are great examples out there on how to do it. It’s not going to apply to everybody, but I know I am playing a role and want to continue in a way where I can best help the most people.” “In that moment right there, you go back and you think about your own self,” Rice added. “First, I would look at the situation and say, ‘How did I even get in that moment, because whatever what was done in that moment, something transpired before it even got there. And honestly, while I don’t know if alcohol or any substances were involved, I know those things can often play a role. I am not blaming anyone who was with him, but I wish someone that was with him, if he’s not in his right mind … would’ve said to him, ‘Look at the situation. Is it worth risking it all for a split-second decision — for something you know you can get out of?'”center_img Former Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt speaks for first time since release Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has weighed in on the latest news surrounding Kareem Hunt’s February altercation with a woman, and he wants to aid the former Chiefs running back.During an exclusive interview with NFL.com, Rice explained that he wants to help Hunt get to the “underlying problems” that led to his February incident, which was revealed in a video released by TMZ on Friday. last_img read more