Beautiful Israel Breakfast Seminar

first_img:: Beautiful Israel Breakfast Seminar :: Top 5 places to visit in IsraelThe major attractions include Jerusalem, a spiritual experience even for a non believer, is a truly ancient city with 5000 year’s history. The Dead Sea, which is one of the finalists in the “Seven Wonders of Nature” competition, at 400 meters below sea level is the lowest place on Earth. It has a very high salt concentration and can actually make you float. The area is rich in unique minerals making it the world’s largest natural spa area. Tel Aviv, popular for its beaches and night life is a fun place and the culture capital of Israel. Known as the city that never sleeps because places are open around the clock. Two hours north is Galilee, the country-side of Israel has an abundance of holy sites on the banks of the Sea of Galilee and Elat located in the south on the Red Sea is a resort city, sunny all year round with watersports and desert tours.For more information visit The “Beautiful Israel“ seminar was held at the Amora Hotel in Sydney this morning. The Israel Trade Commission and Israel specialist wholesalers gave presentations on this historical destination.Merav Gonen, Trade & Tourism Manager – Israel Trade Commission Israel says Israel is a growing destination. 2010 was a record year with 3.5 million tourists reflecting a 26% growth compared to 2009. The same trend was reflected in the Australian market with a 38% increase.Israel is a small country, it’s easy to get from one point to another, less than half the size of Tasmania with the major cities Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and the Dead Sea being about one 1 hour’s drive from each other.Australian passport holder’s visas are granted on arrival. English is widely spoken and street signs are in English.Romy Leibler of EL AL said people’s impressions of Israel are influenced by the BBC, CNN effect! That it’s a rough and dangerous place to go. He said people should of course avoid hot-spots such as Gazza. Halina Hussein of Greece & Mediterranean Travel Centre says Israel is a safe country to visit. I’ve never felt safer! Jeremy Heasrt of Tempo Holidays said Israel is ill perceived as an intimidating destination. Overall the wholesalers said agents should feel comfortable selling Israel with tailor-made itineraries for independent travel or book guided/escorted tours for 1st time visitors.Israel has incredible diversity says Merav Gonen. It’s easily accessible with unique places to see. Biblical sites, archaeological sites and has a rich history. Of course the Mediterranean hospitality, markets, food and nightlife make it a must see destination.center_img Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.M.last_img read more

Madhya Pradesh India to host the first ATTAs AdventureNEXT in Asia

first_imgAkansha Pandey | New DelhiThe Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), in support with Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Knowledge Partner – Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI) has chosen Madhya Pradesh in India to organise the maiden AdventureNEXT event in Asia.AdventureNEXT 2018, a venture towards placing emerging adventure destinations on the global map, will be held in Bhopal from December 10-12, 2018. All in all, 300 delegates are expected to attend the event, along with 120 international hosted buyers and media.A MoU of this event was jointly signed by Shannon Stowell, CEO, ATTA, Hari Ranjan Rao, Commissioner Tourism and Managing Director, MP Tourism, and Capt. Swadesh Kumar, President, ATOAI. A special logo for AdventureNEXT in India was also unveiled during the ceremony.ATOAI has been trying very hard from past Through AdventureNEXT, local suppliers are given opportunities to interact with international buyers and media. Furthermore, a wide variety of speakers and workshops are organised for delegates who want to expand and professionalise their product offerings, said Capt. Kumar.last_img read more

Rep Barrett appears before panel on firearms definition bills

first_img Categories: Barrett News,News 12Feb Rep. Barrett appears before panel on firearms definition bills State Rep. Tom Barrett on Tuesday appeared before the House Judiciary Committee with several fellow lawmakers to support legislation that clearly defines what constitutes a firearm.Barrett, R-Potterville, is sponsor of one of the bills in the legislative package. House Bill 4156 clarifies the definition of a firearm to be “any weapon which will, is designed to, or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by action of an explosive.” The clarification is needed because some BB and pellet guns may be considered firearms under current state law.“This is important legislation because Michigan’s law defining firearms does not match what most reasonable people would consider a firearm,” Barrett said after the committee hearing. “In fact, some inexpensive non-lethal devices could qualify as firearms under current Michigan statute. As legislators, it is our job to make sure that our laws align with the public’s expectation.”Other bills in the package include HBs 4151 through 4155. The committee took the bills under consideration.#####last_img read more

Rep Hernandez Following Through on Commitment to Help Improve Roads

first_img30Mar Rep. Hernandez Following Through on Commitment to Help Improve Roads Categories: Hernandez News Lansing – State Representative Shane Hernandez chaired a House Appropriations Subcommittee meeting Tuesday that moved a Transportation budget which many see as a challenge to the status quo. Within the recommended budget are requirements that the Michigan Department of Transportation shift money away from administrative and planning costs, and put it towards fixing Michigan roads.“I’ve said it from day one,” said Hernandez, “My primary objective as chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation will be to ensure as much transportation funding as possible goes directly to improving Michigan’s roads.”Major changes to the transportation budget include:Eliminating 191 positions within the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) which are currently vacant, and do not directly affect road maintenance. Requiring MDOT to prioritize road maintenance/construction projects over public transit systems when deciding how to spend almost $100 Million in toll credits.Selling of two of the five MDOT owned and operated aircraft.“Given the fact we now have a $4.3 billion a year transportation budget, I refuse to accept the premise that our roads are destined to get worse and worse over time,” said Hernandez, “I look forward to continue working with MDOT and my legislative colleagues to find a solution to fixing Michigan roads without raising taxes.”House Bill 4242 now will be considered by the full House Appropriations Committee.An overview of House Bill 4242 can be found at: read more

Rep Lucido committee off to busy start in Lansing

first_img The first six months of the 2017-18 House session have been busy for state Rep. Peter Lucido, of Shelby Township, as he has submitted 55 bills for review by his fellow legislators to help move Michigan forward. The majority of his bills have been assigned to the House Law and Justice Committee, which Lucido serves as vice-chair.“Anybody who knows me knows already that I like working hard – hard and smart,” Lucido said. “And as a licensed attorney, the law and seeing justice done have been part of my everyday focus for decades. This committee works diligently in making Michigan safer, but does so in a responsible way for our fellow citizens.”Nineteen bills sponsored by Lucido have been assigned to the committee, and five have advanced to the House floor. Altogether, 102 bills have been submitted to the committee with 30 being voted out, helping decrease the number of drunken drivers on state roads, improve protections of children, give victims of human trafficking a chance to get their lives in order, add protections for courtroom and corrections officials and extend domestic violence protections to family pets.“Our committee has also had multiple presentations focusing on ‘Safe and Secure Rehabilitation,’ which has provided insight into our state’s criminal justice system especially in prisons,” Lucido said. “Our goal as a committee is to reform our criminal justice system, so gaining this added insight will help us over the coming months.”Collectively, four of Lucido’s bills have been signed into law – giving Michigan’s citizens the option of using a paper or electronic proof of registration, increasing juror pay in civil and criminal court proceedings, and allowing expert testimony in human trafficking cases.“We’re off to good start in Lansing, but that’s just it – it’s a start,” Lucido said. “We’ve got a lot to do over the next 18 months or so.” 05Jul Rep. Lucido, committee off to busy start in Lansing Categories: Lucido News,Newslast_img read more

Governor signs Whiteford gas leak cleanup legislation into law

first_img Bill ensures funds intended to clear spills are used appropriatelyGov. Rick Snyder today signed state Rep. Mary Whiteford’s legislation ensuring the cleanup of petroleum and other hazardous substances leaking from underground tanks in Michigan.Whiteford’s bill ensures the one-cent fee collected for each gallon of refined petroleum sold or imported in Michigan is used for its intended purpose of cleaning up contaminated sites.“This program protects the public and environment from harmful substances that leak from old underground tanks and contaminate our groundwater,” said Whiteford, of Casco Township. “This will ensure that money in the Refined Petroleum Fund is dedicated toward remediating and closing contaminated sites, as it was originally intended.”Additionally, Whiteford’s legislation allows all owners and operators of underground storage tank systems to apply for funds to clean up older contaminated sites. Under current law, funding is only awarded to pay for cleanup projects where the owner of the leaking tank is unknown.The new Legacy Release Program provides matching state funds up to $50,000 per site to clean up contamination and allows local units of government to be eligible for reimbursement of certain costs, up to $200,000 per claim.House Bill 4583 is now Public Act 134 of 2017.### 26Oct Governor signs Whiteford gas leak cleanup legislation into law Categories: Whiteford Newslast_img read more

Rep Frederick supports money saving measures for Michigan families

first_img Categories: Frederick News 16Feb Rep. Frederick supports money saving measures for Michigan families Bills provide tax relief, end driver responsibility feesState Rep. Ben Frederick this week supported two bipartisan measures that aim to ease burdens on Michigan families.The first would end driver responsibility fees effective Oct. 1 and forgive outstanding debt associated with the fees.Frederick said the fees, which were enacted by a previous administration to fill a budget shortfall, resulted in financial hardships for families across the state.“Driver responsibility fees created a huge economic barrier for many families,” said Frederick, of Owosso. “Because of the fees – which are charged on top of normal fines and court costs – many people least able to pay found themselves in increasing debt and without driver’s licenses for many years. That resulted in a Catch 22 where people couldn’t make payments to the state because their lack of a license prevented them from securing a job.”The bill package ends the fees on Oct. 1 and forgives all outstanding debt in connection to the fees. The legislation also creates a grace period from enactment of the bill thorough Dec. 31 that enables affected residents to get their driver’s licenses back without paying a $125 restoration fee. People on monthly payment plans will receive immediate forgiveness, and others may participate in workplace development training programs to regain their driver’s licenses prior to Oct. 1.Frederick also voted in support of a plan to cut taxes for Michigan residents.The plan continues and increases personal exemptions for Michigan taxpayers and their dependents on state income taxes, potentially saving families hundreds of dollars overall.“I know there are many households in Shiawassee and Saginaw counties that need and will welcome this much-deserved tax relief,” said Frederick. “That we have been able to move these measures through the legislative process in a bipartisan fashion is further proof that this is the right policy for our state.”The bills ensure Michigan taxpayers will be able to continue claiming personal exemptions on their income taxes, a necessary step after federal tax reforms signed into law in December. The measure also increases the state personal exemption from the current $4,000 to $4,900 by the 2021 tax year.The technical fix related to the federal reforms saves $170 per person per year – or $680 for a family of four – on state income taxes. The plan to raise the personal exemption to $4,900 provides an additional $102 in additional annual tax relief for a family of four.The legislation also allows taxpayers in Michigan cities with an income tax to continue to claim exemptions.Both measures were approved in nearly unanimous bipartisan votes by the House and move to the governor’s desk for consideration.###last_img read more

House approves Nobles plan allowing tax credits for donations to charities

first_img Categories: News,Noble News 13Dec House approves Noble’s plan allowing tax credits for donations to charities The Michigan House on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a plan authored by state Rep. Jeff Noble, of Plymouth, allowing tax credits for donations to certain charitable organizations.Under the measure, House Bill 6433, for tax years beginning on and after January 1, 2019, Michiganders may credit against their charitable contributions made during the tax year to organizations that provide overnight accommodation, food or meals to the poor and homeless. Noble’s plan brings back a credit that was eliminated by changes to the Income Tax Act in 2011.“Hard-working Michigan taxpayers should be given credit for their charitable donations,” Noble said. “Our communities’ charitable organizations and causes benefit when more Michiganders financially contribute. Any government decree impeding on the act of being charitable is simply wrong.”House Bill 6433 now advances to the Senate for further consideration.#####last_img read more

VanSingel on teacher evaluation The systems not broken why fix it

first_img Legislator advocates to maintain current evaluation practicesState Rep. Scott VanSingel has introduced a plan to ensure teachers and administrators are evaluated based on fair and practical success measures.Since the 2015-16 school year, student growth and achievement has been the basis for 25 percent of the annual evaluation teachers and administrators receive. Without VanSingel’s legislation, the basis will change to 40 percent for this year’s evaluations.“There’s zero evidence to suggest student growth should carry this much weight in evaluation of our teachers and school administrators,” VanSingel said. “We need to take into consideration factors such as class makeup, student effort, and poverty levels in addition to student growth.”Student growth refers to a measurement comparing the relative change in a student’s performance on a specific test with the performance of all other students on the same test.Other states widely accept the 25 percent measure and it has been successful in Michigan for years.“Time and time again, government swoops in to fix problems that simply don’t exist,” VanSingel said. “There’s no reason to turn the system upside down when we have a perfectly effective means of measuring teacher and administrator success already in practice.”House Bills 4221 and 4222 were referred to the House Education Committee.### 26Feb VanSingel on teacher evaluation: The system’s not broken, why fix it? Categories: VanSingel Newslast_img read more

NonTrump Evangelicals Provide Alternative but Its a Hard Row to Hoe

first_imgShare19Tweet9ShareEmail28 SharesMay 23, 2018; New York Times“This is not of God,” thundered Barbara Williams-Skinner, an influential black evangelical elder in Washington as the audience stood and clapped at the revival. “This is not worthy of our savior. This is not what he died for.”As the antics and proclamations of Donald Trump and his administration move far afield from the closely held value proposition of Evangelical Christians, one might look for a rebuke or a separation from the staunch support that this religious community has given him. But so far, not so much. One only has to look to the efforts of Shane Claiborne, a leader of the Red Letter Christians, a liberal evangelical group that wished to hold a revival and protest at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.The phrase “Red Letter Christians,” explains Laurie Goodstein in the New York Times, refers “to the words of Jesus printed in some Bibles in red type.” Goodstein adds that, “They don’t align neatly with either political party. But they have fierce moral and theological objections to those evangelicals who have latched onto Mr. Trump and the Republican Party.” As Claiborne, a Tennessee-based evangelical, puts it, ““There is another Gospel in our country right now, and it is the Gospel of Trump. It doesn’t look much like the Gospel of Jesus.”Liberty University is led by the Reverend Jerry Falwell, Jr., often viewed as the leader of the Evangelical movement in the United States. Falwell’s a close friend and supporter of Donald Trump. Claiborne, on the other hand, lives his evangelical mission daily—sewing his own clothes, living among the poor, working with those in prison, preaching, and modeling his life on that of Jesus.“Let’s go where the Christians are, go where toxic Christianity lives,” Mr. Claiborne said last year, when proposing the idea for a revival in Lynchburg at an annual retreat for the Red Letter Christians.The revival last month was the most energetic of several recent attempts by Christians in various camps to confront what they see as Mr. Trump’s “court evangelicals” selling out the faith. The critics have written columns, and a book called Still Evangelical? They convened a closed-door summit last month at Wheaton College. A number of bereaved, eminent elders went to the White House last week and handed over their manifesto, “Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis.”Mounting this revival was a daunting task, and the Red Letter Christians were small fish in a big pond, especially in Lynchburg, where Liberty University is the largest employer. Despite threats to jail him if he came onto campus, Claiborne pursued his cause and worked hard in advance of the revival. He and Red Letter Christians’ executive director, Don Golden, did the legwork and reached out to local ministers to help recruit crowds and engage new believers. Still, they ran into roadblock after roadblock. The president of Lynchburg College told his faculty and chaplains that they could not host meetings or hold events with Red Letter Christians. Golden was told again and again that leaders and ministers in area churches all had jobs at Liberty University and that, while they believed and aligned with the Red Letter Christians, they could not risk their livelihood by showing up at their event.“We didn’t want to take sides. We have a fine relationship with Liberty,” said Michael Jones, a spokesman for Lynchburg College, which is also a Christian school.Victories for Claiborne and Golden were few. The event took place in an auditorium off campus, with poor attendance.When the day of the revival came, the mood and the music inside the cavernous auditorium was upbeat, but began to deflate as the 2,000 seats failed to fill. About 350 people from 28 states attended over two nights. Many said they felt alone in their home churches and had come to find their tribe. Another 3,500 watched a livestream. Roughly two dozen students from Liberty University came.Mr. Claiborne still wanted to lead a group onto the Liberty campus and hold a prayer vigil—or at least leave a gift for Mr. Falwell, who had just opened a new $3.2 million gun range on campus. Mr. Claiborne had ready a hand plow that he made from a melted-down handgun, a literal following of the Bible’s instruction to “beat swords into plowshares.”Instead, a small box of prayers for Liberty University was walked into the chapel on campus by a single, elderly founder of the Red Letter Christian movement.A small victory? Perhaps. But the issue at play here—a dispute among those who hold power and money and those who dispute them but have little funding and are not a united front—is not new. What is sad is how many remain silent and in fear of losing their jobs or splitting their congregations if they speak up. Perhaps the Reverend Byron Elliot, a Baptist Minister in Lynchburg who chose to speak at the revival, standing on the shoulders of his father, who was also a reverend and a civil rights leader, summed it up best: “Everyone’s afraid,” he said, pausing. “That’s strong language. Everyone’s very mindful of how they speak and how they deliver the truth. It’s hard to tell the truth in a context like Lynchburg.”—Carole LevineShare19Tweet9ShareEmail28 Shareslast_img read more

San Francisco Voters Approve Business Tax to Address Homelessness

first_imgShare6TweetShareEmail6 SharesNovember 7, 2018; San Francisco ChronicleIn a city ballot measure that bizarrely pit tech titans against each other and attracted national attention, San Francisco voters ultimately approved Proposition C with nearly a 60-percent yes vote. As the Chronicle’s Kevin Fagan explains, the measure provides “the most money ever directed at city homeless programs by taxing big businesses to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.”Fagan adds that the tax “will charge corporations with revenue above $50 million about 0.5 percent in gross receipts tax, with the proceeds going entirely toward homeless programs. Budget analysts estimate it will raise between $250 million and $300 million a year—nearly doubling the amount already being spent on homeless services and housing.”The law required a simple majority to pass, but a legal challenge is expected because the measure failed to get a two-thirds vote, which is required for local government “special taxes” under California’s state constitution. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has pledged to “lend the full capabilities of his legal team” if a challenge is filed in court.While the California State Supreme Court ruled last year that voter-initiated tax measures like San Francisco’s housing levy require only a simple majority, the rules of when a two-thirds vote is required remain murky.Fagan writes that if the tax is challenged in court, “it is probable that the tax will be collected and merely banked—not spent—while the legalities are worked out. That could result in a whopping pot of built-up cash that becomes suddenly available down the line.”The initiative, Fagan explains, clearly outlines where the money will go. About half of the $300 million is for permanent housing for homeless people, a quarter for mental health services, up to 15 percent for supportive services for at-risk populations, and up to 10 percent for emergency shelter and hygiene programs. The levy is expected to finance housing for at least 5,000 people and result in 1,000 new emergency shelter beds.Fagan reports that, “As many as 400 companies, making up 15 to 20 percent of the city’s job base, will be subject to the new tax.” The city’s chief economist, Tim Egan, has estimated the employment cost at a modest 875 jobs over the next two decades. Egan also noted that Proposition C would reduce homelessness, improve health, reduce the costs of emergency services, and “increase the attractiveness of the city to tourists, residents and commuters.”In terms of the national scene, San Francisco offers a stark contrast to Seattle. In Seattle, a much smaller tax designed to raise $47 million was initially approved by the City Council. But after Amazon, Starbucks and others qualified a repeal measure, the City Council folded and rescinded the measure without testing support at the polls. In San Francisco, by contrast, a larger $300-million tax was brought to the voters—and passed handily.One reason for this different outcome, suggests Heather Knight, also writing in the Chronicle, is that the need for more resources was so obvious. Knight adds that something is amiss when “in one of the cities with the biggest income inequality gap in the world—where a household has to earn $300,000 a year to buy a median-priced home—CEOs are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to prevent their companies from paying a small amount to house homeless people.”For another perspective on the consequences of Proposition C, listen to Stanford professor Rob Reich in his podcast interview with NPQ’s Amy Costello.—Steve DubbShare6TweetShareEmail6 Shareslast_img read more

Settop vendor Humax is expanding its presence in

first_imgSet-top vendor Humax is expanding its presence in the residential gateway market, with the acquisition of a 21.98% stake in MMC Technology.Humax has acquired an additional 8% stake in the residential gateway provider, making it the majority shareholder. The set-top specialist said it would us the investment to advance its home gateway server technology, develop a next generation set-top box platform and expand the company’s business activities in the residential gateway market.Humax and MMC Technology also plan to enter emerging market where demand for residential gateway products is increasing as internet penetration grows. Humax then plans to expand its business to the US, Latin America and other European markets. MMC Technology’s products have to-date focused on the Korean domestic market.CEO of Humax, Dae-Gyu Byun, said, “For more than 15 years, MMC Technology has accumulated and established technological expertise in the residential gateway market. This advanced know-how will become leverage for us to find a new market for our home gateway server, which is the next-generation set-top box.”last_img read more

Chellomedia the content arm of Liberty Global ha

first_imgChellomedia, the content arm of Liberty Global, has acquired a 150 hour package of programmes from BBC Worldwide for its Film Mania and Film Café pay TV channels in central Europe.
The deal includes drama series Death in Paradise, which will have its regional debut on the Chello’s channels in Hungary and Romania. Other drama titles include Minnie Driver series The Deep and period dramas Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.Several music programmes are also covered by the deal including live concerts from Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Take That.Levente Málnay, CEO Chello Central Europe said: “It is a great pleasure to expand the already existing BBC Worldwide content on our children’s and entertainment channels with exclusive additions to our film portfolio. This new content package will strengthen the market position of our two film channels, and enrich our film library.”last_img read more

German publishing company Bertelsmann is preparing

first_imgGerman publishing company Bertelsmann is preparing to sell part of its stake in broadcaster RTL Group and may take the first steps towards a placement on the public markets early next month, according to Reuters. Reuters, citing two people familiar with the matter, has reported that Bertelsmann is planning to cut its 92.3% stake in RTL Group to 75% via a process described as a ‘re-IPO’. Bertelsmann could sell up to 17.3% of RTL Group worth an estimated €1.5 billion.The sale will be made by a process similar to an IPO, involving a similar schedule of analyst research, pre-marketing and bookbuilding, but with the difference that RTL is already a listed company, according to the report.RTL Group currently trades only 7% of its stock on the public markets, meaning that Bertelsmann sees a need to educate potential investors in order to secure a good price for the stake, according to Reuters.Bertelsmann’s annual results will be announced on March 26, giving it an additional two months to complete the RTL sale if it intends to use its full-year earnings as the basis for a prospectus.Bertelsmann is expected to use the proceeds of any transaction to fund acquisitions in its pursuit of a strategy to become a more truly international digital media company.last_img read more

Deutsche Telekomowned Croatian telco THrvatski T

first_imgDeutsche Telekom-owned Croatian telco T-Hrvatski Telekom has become the latest telco to add the supply of electricity to its bundle of residential services.T-Hrvatski Telekom said it would offer electricity at a price 5% lower than the incumbent utility in the country, and at a price up to 30% lower for business users.Customer will not be required to sign a minimum-duration contract and will be able to change suppliers at any time, according to the operator.T-Hrvatski Telekom is not the first central and eastern European service provider to add electricity supply to its line-up of broadband, telecom and TV services. Latvian cable operator Baltcom announced in August that it would offer bundles combining TV and telecommunication products with electricity supply.last_img

Dee Smith Bullseye TV cofounder and former Discov

first_imgDee SmithBullseye TV co-founder and former Discovery Communications executive Dee Smith has landed the post of director of content at sports lifestyle group Factory Media, which is pushing into television.UK-based Factory has around 27 lifestyle sports and culture online and print brands, and has employed Smith in part to use these to create a multi-channel network.“We think we’ve found in Dee a unique combination of skills both in ‘traditional’ TV, building up production companies and overseeing broadcast production to a profound hands-on understanding of digital content strategy,” said Factory CEO Darryl Newton. “We have huge ambition to build scale and believe Dee will play a pivotal role in helping us realise that.”Smith will look to create and acquire content for Factory’s multiplatform audience, and develop, create and deliver programming for UK and international broadcasters.Furthermore, she will manage international sales of Factory’s IP across all platforms. “Factory Media is one of those rare gems where established content, audience and platform meet and the combination is virtually unexploited,” she said. “What I’m here to do is connect up brands, broadcasters and publishing for 360-[degree] delivery.”Smith is best-known as co-founder and production director at UK prodco Bullseye, which is now part of the Zodiak Media stable. After exiting Bullseye, she joins Discovery as executive producer and worked on more than 250 jours of programming across factual and factual entertainment.More recently, she founded an SEO and social media-optimised video encyclopaedia and ‘v-commerce’ company, read more

USbased The Africa Channel has tapped Globecast t

first_imgUS-based The Africa Channel has tapped Globecast to provide domestic media management, playout and distribution services for the network.The Africa Channel is currently distributed on major US cable platforms and Globecast has replaced the two former satellite feeds – one SD and one HD – with a single HD feed.“Globecast has really understood our requirements and delivered a solution that meets our need to operate efficiently, but continue to serve all our affiliates, whether they transmit in SD and HD. It was also important to have a partner with a combination of technical expertise and local knowledge on the ground,” said Ricardo Springer, VP of operations and post-production at The Africa Channel.last_img

Sky has invested in the Drone Racing League and wi

first_imgSky has invested in the Drone Racing League and will televise its events on the Sky Sports Mix channel.The pay TV operator has sunk US$1 million (€890,000) into the League, which features specialist drone pilots racing identical drones over complex, themed race tracks.Sky Sports Mix is effectively a basic tier taster channel for the pay TV operator’s premium Sky Sports offerings. It has US and Spanish football as well as a small number of Premier League games.The live DRL coverage will start in October, and stretch to ten one-hour episodes of drone racing from the 2016 season including the crowning of the world champion.Sky and DRL will also team to host and televise the first professional drone race in London, which will be part of its coverage.Emma Lloyd, Group Business Development Director at Sky, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with DRL to help develop this exciting new sport.“We’re really looking forward to working with the team at DRL to grow the sport and to bring something completely different to audiences across both TV and digital.”DRL CEO/Founder Nicholas Horbaczewski added: “Having a distribution deal and strategic partnerships with Sky will bring DRL to tens of millions of viewers.“With their expertise and our industry leading technology, media production and development of the best competitive racing, we believe we can truly grow a global franchise around this futuristic, high-speed racing sport.”last_img read more

Sam Toles Vimeo has launched a new transactional T

first_imgSam TolesVimeo has launched a new transactional TV store, with Lionsgate and Starz the first partners to come on board to provide content to the service.Vimeo TV Store launched at MIPCOM yesterday and the service is designed to let premium studios sell their shows on a pay-per view basis to viewers in more than 150 countries around the world.Lionsgate is the first major Hollywood studio to provide content to the new venture, making virtually its entire TV catalogue available, including popular series like Orange is the New Black, The Royals, Mad Men and Weeds.Starz will add its content in the coming weeks and will sell shows such as The Girlfriend Experience, Ash vs Evil Dead and Black Sails through the store.Speaking to DTVE ahead of the launch, Vimeo vice-president of programming, Sam Toles, described Vimeo TV Store as “the first global television on-demand service.“The real differentiator is, if you look at iTunes or Google, they do offer feature films on a worldwide basis, but television is limited to a handful of territories – between six and seven depending on the various players,” said Toles.“We felt there was a real opportunity to open up television in a global window so that when shows are launched, they can be released transactionally next day from air in 150-plus territories and really give the world access to premium content. We’re opening that ecosystem now to studios and reverse engineering from the ground up.”Toles said that, with the store, Vimeo is creating new windows and new ways for studios to monetise their content. He added that there will be “a number of other announcements over the coming months with additional providers of that level of quality joining the initiative”.Starz chief operating officer, Jeffrey Hirsch, said: “Vimeo is undoubtedly one of the most cutting-edge online video platforms and Starz is very pleased to join Lionsgate in agreeing to provide content to Vimeo’s storefront.“With this agreement, Starz will make available for purchase three of its most powerful and compelling Starz Original series for consumers around the world.”last_img read more