Pink Talking Fish Throws Keyboardist A Surprise Bachelor Party Mid-Show At Disc Jam

first_imgDisc Jam Music Festival was absolutely nuts last night. We gave Richard James a surprise onstage bachelor party in honor of him getting married on Saturday. Here’s what went down:Hayley Jane and The Magnaterrestrials brought the keyboardist to the middle of the stage and danced around him while the rest of the band broke into Billy Idol’s “White Wedding.” For the grand finale, Boston promoter Benny Tucker took on the infamous character “Wookies And Cream” and gave James the dance of his life!Check out the full setlist and photos, courtesy of Jake Wisdom Photography.Setlist: Pink Talking Fish at Disc Jam Music Festival, Stephentown, NY – 6/9/16Divided Sky>Once In A Lifetime>Any Colour You Like>Divided SkyPull Up The Roots>Pigs (3 Different Ones)>Ghost>Moon Rocks*%>White Wedding*%%Young Lust>Horn>Wild Wild Life>2001>One Of These Days%%%>Catapult>One Of These Days>This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)*Suzy Greenberg*%*w/ Hayley Jane on vocals%w/ The Magnaterrestrial Dancers%%Richard James got an “Onstage Bachelor Party”. Hayley Jane & The Magnaterrestrial Dancers sat him in a chair center stage and danced around him. Then Boston promoter, Benny Tucker, came out as the famous dancer “Wookies And Cream” and gave a show of his own to the bachelor%%%w/ Luminous Fire and Flow sword fighting with Fire Swordslast_img

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