It Looks Like A Woodstock 50th-Anniversary Festival Is Actually In The Works

first_imgThe iconic Woodstock Festival is due for a 50th-anniversary celebration in 2019, and it seems as though moves are being made by both the tentative festival grounds and the state of New York. As reported by The Poughkeepsie Journal, the not-for-profit Bethel Woods Center for the Arts—a 2,000-acre site that includes Woodstock’s original grounds in 1969—recently received $689,063 for a three-day festival from New York’s Regional Economic Development Council. This money comes in addition to $28,225, which will be used for on-site improvements, including a stage, sound towers, performers’ bridge, and scenic overlook on the famous festival grounds.Woodstock Site Added To National Register Of Historic PlacesThe state’s interest in helping ensure the success of such an event is bolstered by the economic growth and tourism it would bring to the area. However, as JamBase points out, it is still unclear whether Michael Lang—one of the leading organizers of the original Woodstock festival, Woodstock ’94, and the disastrous Woodstock ’99—will be involved. Given Woodstock ’99 primary reputation for the widespread accounts of violence and fire throughout the event, New York throwing money at improving infrastructure for a potential anniversary festival would be unsurprising and could be read as a means to ensure Woodstock ’19 doesn’t involve a similar fate.[H/T JamBase]last_img read more

Classroom Critters.

first_imgBack-to-school signs are everywhere: the return of school buses,the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the misery of headlice.”More than 12 million people, mostly children, parentsand school personnel, get head lice each year,” said PaulGuillebeau, Integrated Pest Management coordinator for the Universityof Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.”Head lice are common among all classes of people, Guillebeausaid. “They know no socioeconomic or ethnic boundaries.”As part of his efforts to reduce unnecessary use of pesticides,Guillebeau and colleague Gretchen Van De Mark have released updatedinformation on how to treat head lice.The two publications, “A Parent’s Guide to the ‘NittyGritty’ About Head Lice” and “A School’s Guide to the’Nitty Gritty’ About Head Lice,” are being distributed toGeorgia school systems. They’re available on the web at”Many parents panic when they discover their child hashead lice and misuse pesticides or resort to unapproved treatmentslike kerosene,” Guillebeau said.”Head lice are not an emergency,” he said. “Theydon’t pose any health risks. But misusing pesticides or sprayingpesticides unnecessarily does put your child and your family atrisk.”Head lice are simply inconveniences to be dealt with compassionatelyand calmly, Guillebeau said.Knowing a little head lice biology is the key to convincingparents not to overreact and spray pesticides unneccessarily.Head lice can’t live off a human host for more than 24 hours.They can’t reproduce in carpets, bedding or other home furnishings.And they can’t live on pets or stuffed toys.”Pesticidesprays do little or nothing to control lice,” Guillebeausaid, “but they do expose your family to pesticides unnecessarily.Never treat your home, car, furniture, beds, pillows or clothingwith pesticides in an attempt to control head lice.”To kill head lice on bedding and clothes, wash and dry themas you would ordinarily. To kill head lice on brushes, combs andhair accessories, wash them with hot, soapy water. For peace ofmind, place stuffed animals that can’t be washed in a sealed plasticbag for three to four days.Guillebeau says he cringes when he hears stories of schoolpersonnel spraying pesticides in classrooms and on buses to controlhead lice.”If your child’s school does this, ask them to stop immediately,”Guillebeau said. “These applications don’t help control headlice populations. They just expose the children and staff to needlesspesticide risks.”The University of Georgia, National Pest Control Association,National Pediculosis Association and the Georgia Pest ControlAssociation all support this recommendation for schools.Head lice are transmitted by direct head-to-head contact withan infested person or by sharing hats, scarves, headphones, combsand other hair accessories. They can’t hop, jump or fly. But theycan crawl fast.”Teachers and other school personnel should discouragechildren from sharing these items,” Guillebeau said. “Andeach child’s hat and coat should be stored separately.”Guillebeau said if school bus drivers are concerned over headlice, they can wipe the bus seats with a damp cloth. Teachersand school custodians can also wipe smooth surfaces with a dampcloth and vacuum furniture and carpets if they’re concerned abouthead lice.To treat your child for head lice, just follow Guillebeau’stentips.last_img read more

Ban Calls for Central American and Mexican Regional Action against Organized Crime

first_img On 16 March, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a “regional” strategy against crime in Central America and Mexico, after meeting with the presidents of the isthmus in Guatemala. “Organized crime is not only a national phenomenon,” Ban warned, saying that progress needs to be made toward a “regional crime strategy in Central America and Mexico.” The Central American isthmus has become a very insecure region due to the activities of violent gangs and groups of traffickers moving drugs from South America to North America. Ban met in the Guatemalan capital with presidents Álvaro Colom (Guatemala), Laura Chinchilla (Costa Rica), and Porfirio Lobo (Honduras), as well as with the prime minister of Belize, Dean Barrow. Also participating in the meeting were vice presidents Juan Carlos Varela (Panama) and Rafael Alburquerque (Dominican Republic) and the foreign minister of El Salvador, Hugo Martínez. Nicaragua did not send representatives to the meeting with the UN head. Ban confirmed that the UN will participate in a meeting on Central American security to be held in Guatemala in June. The secretary-general made a forty-eight-hour visit to Guatemala to back the work of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), a body created by the UN in 2006 to support the country’s judicial system, considered corrupt and inefficient. “Stopping impunity is vital to protecting all Guatemalans from violence,” Ban said. “The United Nations will provide additional support to combat impunity and crime,” said Ban, who launched a UN fund to consolidate peace in Guatemala, fifteen years after the end of a bloody civil war. By Dialogo March 21, 2011last_img read more

Arsenal’s Cech turns down offer from Napoli

first_img0Shares0000Goalie Petr Cech said he plans to stay at Arsenal and try to rise above his rivals. © AFP/File / Adrian DENNISPRAGUE, Czech Republic, Jun 30 – Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech said on Saturday that he had turned down an offer from Napoli, even though the Gunners have signed German stopper Bernd Leno from Bayer Leverkusen.“My contract with Arsenal still has a year to run,” Cech told journalists in Zruc in his native Czech Republic. “The only thing I’m preparing for is the fight for number one in the net.” He said “Napoli were interested” without going into details.“My future is at Arsenal,” he said. “I didn’t think of changing clubs.”The 36-year-old joined Arsenal in 2015 after 11 years and almost 500 games with London rivals Chelsea. He was capped 114 times for the Czech Republic before retiring from international football in 2016.Cech has played more than 110 games for Arsenal. All those starts came under manager Arsene Wenger who has now been replaced by Spaniard Unai Emery.Leno is 26, has played 230 matches in seven seasons in the Bundesliga and has six caps for Germany although he was not part of the World Cup squad.Arsenal also have David Ospina, 29, who has been the starting goalkeeper for the Colombia team that have reached the last 16 in Russia.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more