Pizza perfection

first_imgIf you’re not making them already, pizza is an ideal way to add value to your product range.A great pizza base is made from a yeasted dough with as high a percentage water content as possible, coupled with long fermentation.You should aim to get 75-80% water (on flour weight). Get this right and your pizza will have a wonderful crispy crust, rich golden colour and superb flavour.Rather than making individual round pizzas, at Cinnamon Square, we make an 18″ x 30″ tray. This tray gives us 10 slices, which can quite easily be sold for between £2.50-£4 each.You only need 1,100g of dough per tray; that’s not much more than a large loaf. If you do not get too carried away with the toppings, it’s quite easy to see the potential profitability from making this.This recipe makes enough dough for two baking sheets.== Italian Pizza Sponge (24hr) ==Ingredient % gBread Flour 100 265Yeast 1 2.6Salt 1.5 4Water 50 130Total weight 152.5 400== Italian Pizza Dough ==Ingredient % gBread Flour 100 1,000Italian Pizza Sponge (24hr) 40 400Yeast 3 30Salt 2 20Water 75 750Total weight 220 2,200== Method: ==1. You will need to make the Italian Pizza Sponge 24 hours in advance. Mix ingredients to a smooth dough (image A) and place in a loose-fitting lidded plastic bucket.2. Leave for 24 hours at ambient temperature.3. Mix dough ingredients plus the 24-hour sponge in a spiral mixer for 2 minutes on slow speed.4. Switch to fast speed (B) and mix until the dough reaches a stage where it is clear from the base of the bowl, the dough surface has a sheen and you can hear the dough ’slapping’ in the bowl. The dough will be very soft.5. Use wet hands to remove the dough from the bowl. This will prevent the dough from sticking to you.6. Scale at 1,100g and shape into a rectangle (C). Rest the dough for a few minutes.7. Prepare an 18″ x 30″ tray with a layer of silicone paper, sprinkled with coarse semolina or rice cones (D). A three-sided tray is best suited to the job.8. Pin out the dough and transfer to the prepared baking tray (E). Dock the dough (or fork it), dust with flour and loosely cover with a plastic sheet. Leave to rest for 60 minutes at ambient temperature.9. Pour some Italian passata sauce and olive oil on the dough and spread evenly over the entire surface (F). Then sprinkle on a generous layer of grated mozzarella & cheddar cheese. The pizza is now ready to receive your choice of toppings. The illustrations shows our vegetarian version (G).10. Bake at 220ºC for 10 minutes, then slide the pizza off the tray (still on the silicone paper) and give a further 5 minutes baking (H). You will need to turn the top heat down at this stage to prevent the cheese from burning.11. To remove from the oven, slide the tray under the silicone paper while holding the paper taught. Carry out this manoeuvre slowly to prevent damaging the pizza.12.Transfer the pizza onto a cooling wire by sliding the pizza off both the tray and silicone paper. This will let the air circulate around it helping to retain the crusty base (I).13. When cold, cut into 10 portions. Divide the pizza into two lengthways, then cut both halves into 5 equal portions (5½” wide). We use a metre ruler for consistency.TIP We serve the pizza hot or cold. To reheat, place directly on the oven sole, set at 220ºC, for 3-5 minutes.last_img read more

Moderna shares COVID-19 vaccine trial blueprints, will others follow?

first_imgTopics : The vaccine race has become deeply politicized in the US in the run-up to the presidential election in November, as President Donald Trump touts one against criticism of his handling of the pandemic.Trump repeated on Wednesday that the first vaccine would be approved by October, increasing concerns that the White House will place pressure on the approval body, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”I don’t trust Donald Trump,” his rival from the Democratic party Joe Biden said Wednesday.Experts and officials in the Republican president’s administration agree that it’s not possible to predict the results of the trials that are underway, and it’s highly unlikely to have strong data before the end of 2020. Wait for it The reality of an immunization trial is that it’s necessary to wait until a certain number of volunteers become naturally infected, in order to compare outcomes in the placebo group against the group given the vaccine.So the decline in the rate of infection in the US could theoretically delay the results — possibly until December, said Bancel.As of Thursday, Moderna had recruited 25,296 volunteers. Among them, 10,025 had received their second dose, 28 days after the first.It’ll take a few more weeks to recruit the full quotient of 30,000 participants and for them to receive their second doses.Only COVID-19 infections recorded two weeks or more after the second dose are counted, to give the vaccine sufficient time to take effect.Interim analyses by a committee of independent experts are planned over the course of the trial to verify whether a high statistical threshold of effectiveness has been reached, and to monitor for serious side effects.The FDA has stated its bar for approval is a vaccine that reduces the risk of falling sick with COVID-19 by 50 percent.”This has the key information [for] stopping rules, interim analyses and efficacy assumptions. Applaud their transparency,” Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Institute and one of the critics leading the charge against possible political interference, told AFP. Vaccine doses will be initially very limited, according to health authorities.Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel said on Thursday his company would know whether their vaccine works by November. October is possible but unlikely, he told CNBC.The trial protocol published Thursday, which runs to 135 pages and is marked “confidential,” fixes the parameters of the experiment.The most important of these is how it will judge whether results are conclusive. center_img Pressure on Moderna also said that 28 percent of its participants were from racial minority groups. Having sufficient participants among black and Hispanic people in particular is crucial in obtaining statistically representative results for these communities that have been disproportionately hit by the pandemic.The decision by Moderna, which has received $2.5 billion in US government money, now leaves the spotlight on Pfizer, the other company in the running for the first US authorization.Its CEO has repeatedly said the company will have its results by the end of October, which is in line with Trump’s wishes.The other frontrunner is AstraZeneca, which has co-developed a vaccine with the University of Oxford. The medicine’s global trials were suspended last week after a participant had an unexplained illness, but were later restarted in the UK, Brazil, and South Africa. The US remains the exception for reasons that aren’t yet known.”Transparency is crucial to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Other vaccine makers should follow @moderna_tx lead,” tweeted Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University. US biotech firm Moderna, one of nine companies in the late stages of clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine, has become the first to publish the complete blueprints of its study following calls for greater transparency.The initiative puts pressure on other companies to follow suit, especially Pfizer, the other American company currently carrying out Phase 3 trials in the US.This is the final stage before approval, in which a vaccine and a placebo are tested on thousands of participants to verify the medicine is safe and effective.last_img read more

Man Utd can still qualify for Champions League, says Solskjaer

first_imgLike Arsenal and United, Chelsea have also endured some disappointing recent results, missing their own chance to pull clear when they drew at home with Burnley on Monday.United’s poor recent form has been a particular disappointment given the impressive sequence of results when Solskjaer first arrived as caretaker boss following Jose Mourinho’s exit in December.They began brightly against City at Old Trafford but could not maintain the intensity required, though they avoided a repeat of the insipid display duing the weekend’s 4-0 loss at Everton.Striker Marcus Rashford urged fans to keep the faith.“Tough period for us at the moment and as a United fan myself I understand how you’re feeling,” he wrote on Twitter.“We’ve shown how we can play, we need to get back to doing what we know we can do!”Share on: WhatsApp FILE PHOTO: Ole Gunnar SolskjaerManchester, United Kingdom | AFP | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says Manchester United can still qualify for the Champions League despite a collapse in form extended by their derby defeat against Manchester City.United have now lost seven of their past nine games in all competitions, leaving them three points behind fourth-placed Chelsea in the Premier League with three matches to go.But they have been helped by the stumbles of others, with Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Wolves on Wednesday keeping the door open.Chelsea visit Old Trafford on Sunday and Solskjaer has urged his side to keep fighting for Champions League football despite the chastening 2-0 defeat at the hands of City on Wednesday.“We need more quality on Sunday and if we win that game, we have two games to go,” Solskjaer told“Of course we want to get into the top four. I haven’t been planning on playing on Thursday nights (in the Europa League) yet. We just have to make sure we give ourselves a chance on Sunday.“We’re three games away from the end of the season, we’re three points behind the top four and no one would have given us a chance a few months ago.“It’s maybe taken its toll on the players. It’s my job now to see who wants to sacrifice enough to be here.”last_img read more

Jen And Bill’s Bombshell Interview With KT McFarland: “Biden And Obama Knew Exactly What They Were Doing”

first_img Biden escape his own hand written notes that show what him and Obama were really trying to do?Will some big names come out in the next month?We spoke to General Flynn’s top advisor during their time in the Trump administration, KT McFarland, and she dropped some huge news on us.last_img