People on the move

first_imgDistributionand logistics company Mayne Nickless Express has promoted its HR managerMichael Doolin to director of resources and training. Doolin has worked for thecompany for the past two and a half years and took his non-executive roleearlier this month. The post involves conducting the company’s paynegotiations. Based at the company’s UK head office in the West Midlands,Doolin will be responsible for all HR and training issues on behalf of thegroup’s companies, including Parceline, Mayne Logistics, Interlink Express andInterlink Ireland. Related posts:No related photos. Top jobLiamDonnelly has been appointed HR director of HMV Europe – his first board HRappointment. Donnelly had 10 years’ experience in a variety of HR roles inretail and has worked for Kingfisher, owner of high street retail chainsWoolworths, B&Q, and Superdrug. His bigbreak came when he worked for Entertainment UK, which supplies CDs toKingfisher retail outlets. This led him to work for Music and Video Club, afterwhich he defected to its major competitor, HMV. While hewas senior HR controller at HMV, he pioneered a staff survey, called YourShout, which gave employees a say in HR policy. He islooking to oversee the training of store managers across Europe. “My goal is toensure HMV has the very best specialist retail managers in its stores whoreally know their areas. Those are the people who really make the differenceand the ones who are the hardest to keep hold of.” Previous Article Next Article People on the moveOn 12 Dec 2000 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Internationallaw firm McDermott, Will and Emery has recruited Christine Jordan to take onthe new role of London HR director. Jordan will head the London office’s HRteam. The firm has 125 lawyers and legal and professional support staff, andhas been expanding since the office opened two years ago. Before joiningMcDermott, Will and Emery, Jordan was HR director at the Securities and FuturesAuthority for seven years. Jordan has worked at the London Stock Exchange andoutside the City with Vernalis Group, a publicly quoted biotechnology company.last_img read more

Saint Mary’s to host conference promoting female empowerment in business

first_imgSaint Mary’s announced the College will be hosting the #RealBossLady Engaging Women Conference on May 22 in an email sent to the College community Tuesday.According to the release, the conference, hosted by the College’s Women’s Entrepreneurial Initiative (WEI), a nonprofit group that works to empower women in business, and 1st Source Bank, was founded in 2015 and has since hosted over 1,000 female leaders.“Women in the community will have the opportunity to learn, share and grow while networking with many other women leaders at this year’s annual Engaging Women Conference,” the release said.Willow Wetherall, director of the WEI at Saint Mary’s, said this year’s theme, #RealBossLady, will focus on “being the boss of one’s personal life, career and business, while also attending to women’s desires to have a lasting impact.”Beatrice Phillips, director of business development at Boling Vision and a member of the conference’s planning committee, said the event is designed to support women in all stages of their careers.“Women in our community are at many different points in their lives, careers and businesses — entry-level, rising stars or executive management,“ Phillips said. ”Whether we are launching or growing businesses, advancing our careers or making a difference in our communities, we can reach our goals and our full potential faster with the support of other women.”The conference will help equip women to serve their local communities, Wetherall said.“We will be providing tools for our attendees to take these messages back out into their communities, workplaces and businesses to create positive change for women in the greater South Bend-Elkhart region,” Wetherall said. “We want to amplify the impact of this one day and drive it forward, so it lives on outside the walls of the conference year round.”The event will also recognize the legacy of the College’s 175th anniversary, the email said.“Generations of Saint Mary’s graduates have emerged as global leaders and change-makers,” Wetherall said. “We pay tribute to the visionary leadership and perseverance of the founding sisters as we come together for a day of growth, connection and lasting change.”The conference will be held May 22 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Early registration, which lasts until May 3, is $70 with the promo code “early bird.” Regular registration for the event is $85.For more information, contact Willow Wetherall at [email protected]: #realbosslady, WEI, Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiativelast_img read more

Program offers international students a space to practice English skills

first_imgThe English Language Table for International Students is a diverse program that aids foreign and native students and staff in their understanding of the English language, as well as American culture. Held in 334 Bond Hall on the first and third Thursday of each month, the event invites both native and non-native speakers to join in fellowship as they practice the English language together.“It’s a relaxed, social gathering where people can come to ask questions about the English language or American culture and to make friends with other people on campus,” said Lisa Oglesbee, coordinator of English for academic purposes.Undergraduate, graduate, faculty, doctorate and post-doctorate members of the Notre Dame community are all welcome to attend the bimonthly event.“Anybody who wants to practice their spoken English is invited. We have students that come, staff that comes and even spouses that come,” Lea Barthuly, a head faculty leader of the program, said.The meetings often run through prepared questions, Barthuly said. After splitting into small groups, a question is read aloud, and the attendees are encouraged to answer in English. Each small group includes at least one native English speaker who is able to answer any questions participants may have about pronunciation or grammar. The questions are meant to help participants practice their English and get to know their fellow attendees.Barthuly said “Would You Rather” has been played in the past as an entertaining way to pose new questions, practice the language and enjoy the company of fellow peers.In addition to the interactive practice students and staff gain from attending the English Table, attendees also get to enjoy the food provided at each event, Barthuly said. A different snack is prepared each week, and participants get to enjoy their treat all while sharing in community with other campus members.Xin Li, a visiting PhD student from China, has been attending the English table ever since she first arrived at Notre Dame. In addition to the learning opportunities the event provides, Li said English Table can be a wonderful opportunity to get to know other cultures and deepen the understanding of diversity on campus.Because there are so many cultures represented at the English Table, attending the event is a wonderful opportunity to enrich one’s knowledge of different people and cultures all across campus, as well as the world, Barthuly said.“I think that it’s a place for people to come and talk about their lives in a safe setting and feel like they have the time to express themselves despite their language ability,” Barthuly said. “It’s an environment where no one is expected to be perfect.”Barthuly encourages any student, whether a native or non-native speaker, to attend and join the English Table community.“We’re here to provide a community and language help, as well as cultural assistance,” Oglesbee said. “We do a lot to provide services across the board for our international friends on campus.”Tags: English as a New Language, English language table, International studentslast_img read more

Classroom Critters.

first_imgBack-to-school signs are everywhere: the return of school buses,the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the misery of headlice.”More than 12 million people, mostly children, parentsand school personnel, get head lice each year,” said PaulGuillebeau, Integrated Pest Management coordinator for the Universityof Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.”Head lice are common among all classes of people, Guillebeausaid. “They know no socioeconomic or ethnic boundaries.”As part of his efforts to reduce unnecessary use of pesticides,Guillebeau and colleague Gretchen Van De Mark have released updatedinformation on how to treat head lice.The two publications, “A Parent’s Guide to the ‘NittyGritty’ About Head Lice” and “A School’s Guide to the’Nitty Gritty’ About Head Lice,” are being distributed toGeorgia school systems. They’re available on the web at”Many parents panic when they discover their child hashead lice and misuse pesticides or resort to unapproved treatmentslike kerosene,” Guillebeau said.”Head lice are not an emergency,” he said. “Theydon’t pose any health risks. But misusing pesticides or sprayingpesticides unnecessarily does put your child and your family atrisk.”Head lice are simply inconveniences to be dealt with compassionatelyand calmly, Guillebeau said.Knowing a little head lice biology is the key to convincingparents not to overreact and spray pesticides unneccessarily.Head lice can’t live off a human host for more than 24 hours.They can’t reproduce in carpets, bedding or other home furnishings.And they can’t live on pets or stuffed toys.”Pesticidesprays do little or nothing to control lice,” Guillebeausaid, “but they do expose your family to pesticides unnecessarily.Never treat your home, car, furniture, beds, pillows or clothingwith pesticides in an attempt to control head lice.”To kill head lice on bedding and clothes, wash and dry themas you would ordinarily. To kill head lice on brushes, combs andhair accessories, wash them with hot, soapy water. For peace ofmind, place stuffed animals that can’t be washed in a sealed plasticbag for three to four days.Guillebeau says he cringes when he hears stories of schoolpersonnel spraying pesticides in classrooms and on buses to controlhead lice.”If your child’s school does this, ask them to stop immediately,”Guillebeau said. “These applications don’t help control headlice populations. They just expose the children and staff to needlesspesticide risks.”The University of Georgia, National Pest Control Association,National Pediculosis Association and the Georgia Pest ControlAssociation all support this recommendation for schools.Head lice are transmitted by direct head-to-head contact withan infested person or by sharing hats, scarves, headphones, combsand other hair accessories. They can’t hop, jump or fly. But theycan crawl fast.”Teachers and other school personnel should discouragechildren from sharing these items,” Guillebeau said. “Andeach child’s hat and coat should be stored separately.”Guillebeau said if school bus drivers are concerned over headlice, they can wipe the bus seats with a damp cloth. Teachersand school custodians can also wipe smooth surfaces with a dampcloth and vacuum furniture and carpets if they’re concerned abouthead lice.To treat your child for head lice, just follow Guillebeau’stentips.last_img read more

IEA: Almost 200GW of renewable energy capacity will be installed worldwide in 2019

first_imgIEA: Almost 200GW of renewable energy capacity will be installed worldwide in 2019 FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:After stagnating last year, renewable energy has hit back with a vengeance in 2019 with the International Energy Agency (IEA) expecting almost 200 GW of new clean energy generation capacity will have been added by year-end.The lion’s share of the new capacity will come from solar – 115 GW of it despite a small decline in China – as PV and wind offer very much the mainstream options.Rapid solar power adoption across EU member states, particularly Spain, will offset the dip in the world’s biggest market according to the IEA, which also picked out Vietnam, India, the U.S. and Japan as fast-expanding solar markets. In fact, the only uncertainty cited in the latest IEA forecast concerned the unpredictable Chinese marketplace.This year PV will crack the 100 GW mark globally for the first time, helped by a more-than-80% fall in solar prices since 2010 as PV becomes the largest clean energy technology deployed for the third year running, according to IEA predictions.The IEA estimates the onshore wind market will grow 15% to 53 GW this year, driven by new installations in the U.S. and China. The increase in offshore wind energy is expected to remain stable at around 5 GW in 2019, led by the European Union and China.More: International Energy Agency forecasts 115 GW of new solar this yearlast_img read more

Operation Unified Resolves nets major cocaine bust

first_imgBy Dialogo August 26, 2014 About 576 kilograms of cocaine seized from a go-fast boat south of the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo was offloaded by authorities in a major victory for Operation Unified Resolve’s counter-narcotics fight Aug 22. On patrol as part of Operation MARTILLO, crew members of the Royal Navy warship HMS Argyll and a U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment Team (LEDET) interdicted the boat Aug 7. A U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hawk offloaded the seizure, worth about US$19 million wholesale, at Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg in the state of Florida. An Ocean Sentry Aircraft had spotted the boat off the coast of Santo Domingo. Personnel at the Coast Guard Sector San Juan, Puerto Rico Command Center requested the Coast Guard Cutter Sapelo follow it. Crew members of the Argyll and LEDET arrested five suspects after seizing 18 bales that tested positive for cocaine. The cocaine and the alleged narco-traffickers were handed over to the Coast Guard Cutter Hawk’s crew, who turned them over to U.S. Federal officials upon arriving in St. Petersburg, where the Cutter Hawk is homeported. The Coast Guard’s role in Operation Unified Resolve has played a major role in Operation Caribbean Guard, which coordinates efforts among the Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security and Commonwealth and Territorial law enforcement partners to deter, detect and disrupt illicit maritime trafficking to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The HMS Argyll is part of Operation MARTILLO, a multinational project that aims to disrupt transnational criminal organizations by limiting their ability to use Central America as a transit zone. Operation MARTILLO includes Canada, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panamá, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. The HMS Argyll’s operations in the Caribbean are overseen from Key West, Fla. The 180-crew ship recently hosted local military officials and dignitaries to showcase the vessel’s abilities, especially in counter-narcotics missions. “The Royal Navy is committed to the maintenance of maritime security worldwide, frequently working alongside our allies, especially close partners such as the U.S.,” Cmdr. Paul Hammond, the Argyll’s commanding officer, told those in attendance last month. Hammond added: “Meeting at this early stage has enabled a greater mutual understanding between HMS Argyll and the task force – and this will allow me to deliver more effect at sea during our counter-narcotics operations.” The HMS Argyll looks to continue its success in the counter-narcotics fight after seizing nearly US$128 million worth of drugs in the Pacific Ocean and apprehending three traffickers who have been sentenced collectively to 40 years in prison. In 2013, Operation MARTILLO resulted in the seizure of 131 metric tons of cocaine. It also confiscated 32,186 pounds of marijuana worth US$30.576.7 million, 4,000 grams of heroin worth US$352,000 and detained 295 suspects.last_img read more

ADVA Trial Achieves 300G Over Trans-Atlantic Fiber Link

first_imgADVA said that its FSP 3000 CloudConnect TeraFlex has succeeded in transporting 300Gbit/s of data per wavelength over a 6,800-kilometer fiber link. Conducted alongside ADVA’s partner Acacia Communications, the trial was the first in the industry to cover the trans-Atlantic distance with a fiber link typical of a cost-optimized submarine cable using 300Gbit/s channels and a commercially available transponder with real-time digital signal processing (DSP).The demo, which also achieved the highest spectral efficiency for such a link carrying 300Gbit/s per wavelength with 70GHz channel spacing, highlights the capabilities of the ADVA FSP 3000 TeraFlex solution to support flexible, ultra-high-capacity, long-haul and subsea data transport.“This lab trial proves the power of our FSP 3000 TeraFlex to deliver scalable long-haul data transmission with the highest spectral density at the lowest cost-per-bit. It shows subsea and intercontinental network operators that our solution is an ideal choice for transporting enormous amounts of data with the utmost flexibility in symbol rate, modulation format, and channel spacing to maximize the capacity of any given network,” said Sorin Tibuleac, director, system architecture, R&D, ADVA.“We’ve already shown that our FSP 3000 TeraFlex supports the growing bandwidth needs of metro DCI infrastructure with successful 600Gbit/s trials. Now we’re proving what it can do over the world’s longest links. What makes this trial so significant is that it leverages a commercially available solution that can be configured to achieve the highest capacity on any distance from inter-data center connections to inter-continental links. To accomplish that over a fiber cable with trans-Atlantic reach is a truly unique achievement.”“This trial broadens the horizons of what can be achieved over great distance in terms of capacity and modulation flexibility,” said Christian Rasmussen, founder and VP, digital signal processing and optics, Acacia Communications.last_img read more

Boys Area Basketball Scores (2-22)

first_imgWRBI Area Boys Basketball Scores (2-22)Batesville 64 Beech Grove 55East Central 59 Franklin County 41North Decatur 59 South Decatur 44Connersville 46 Lawrenceburg 29Switzerland County 68 South Dearborn 49Jennings County 92 Southwestern Hanover 27Shelbyville 77 Hauser 64Knightstown 66 Hagerstown 57last_img

Ginola craves Magpies Europa lift

first_imgDavid Ginola wants Newcastle to give their fans something to cheer about by winning the Europa League this season. They have overcome the likes of Bordeaux and big-spending Anzhi Makhachkala to reach the last eight of the competition, but are big outsiders to make the final in Amsterdam next month after they lost 3-1 to Benfica in the first leg of their quarter-finals. Ginola, who became adored by Magpies fans during his two-year spell at St James’ Park, added: “The Europa League is very important for a club like Newcastle. “This way the team can say: ‘OK, it has been hard and tough but we have managed to do something good in a European competition’. It’s almost like a relief for them. Football is not fighting, it’s about enjoyment.” With the help of their new influx of French imports, Newcastle started to turn the corner in February, but they have still had to play the majority of the second half of the season with the threat of relegation hanging over them. That has led to some understandably tense displays, including one on Sunday when the hosts needed a last-gasp strike from Papiss Cisse to grab a win against Fulham. Although the victory eased the pressure on Newcastle slightly, Ginola still feels his former club will have to keep fighting to avoid the drop. “When you are playing to avoid relegation it’s a different world to when you are playing to try to get in to the Champions League,” said Ginola, who played 75 times for Newcastle. “We are talking about surviving and we are talking about living. They are completely opposite. “They are only a few points above relegation so they are not quite there yet. Most of the teams down there will fight until the end. It’s going to be really difficult and you need to have a certain mentality to fight these situations.” Press Associationcenter_img Many had predicted Newcastle would kick on from their success last term but with six games of the season to go, the Magpies sit 13th in the Barclays Premier League, just five points above the relegation zone. The only positive for the Toon Army this season has been their club’s form in the Europa League, and Ginola said: “It has been a very tough season for them and it’s a long way to go to save the season, but the Europa League means a little bit more for them because they have had a hard season and this competition gives you an opportunity to cheer people up a bit.” last_img read more

Champions League final today 50-year-old ‘newcomers’ PSG finally make the biggest stage

first_imgBy Simon EvansLISBON, Portugal (Reuters) – The Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Paris St Germain today is a clash of two of the modern giants of the European game but in terms of footballing history, the French club are the relative newcomers.For not only will this be PSG’s first final in the competition, it comes 11 days after they celebrated only their 50th anniversary as a club.To give some perspective, Bayern are 120 years old while last year’s winners Liverpool were formed in 1892.Indeed, when Bayern won the first of their five European Cup titles in 1973, PSG were just three years old and playing in the French third division. While French football has a long and rich history, the capital city was noticeably absent from the elite with Parisians showing little interest in the game, as provincial clubs like St Etienne and Reims enjoyed continental success.Those in the capital who followed the game made the most of brief moments of promise for the small, older traditional clubs, Red Star and Racing Club, until the creation of PSG.The merger of the new Paris Football Club and Stade Saint-Germanois in 1970 created a team for the changing population of the capital. A French Cup win came in 1982 and four years later, they won their first league title. With backing from television company Canal Plus, the club attracted top talent such as winger David Ginola and Liberian striker George Weah.By 1996, the club had made its mark on the international stage with a team featuring Brazil midfielder Rai and France international Youri Djorkaeff helping them win the European Cup Winners’ Cup with a 1-0 victory over Rapid Vienna.PSG started being able to attract big names, with Ronaldinho joining in 2001, but the key moment of change came 10 years later when Qatar Sports Investment took control of the club. The Qataris began a huge investment in talent and top managers as they sought to create a ‘superclub’ to match global brands such as Barcelona and Real Madrid.David Beckham ended his career at PSG while Zlatan Ibrahimovic brought his huge personality to Paris and, domestically, the club have dominated the French league, winning seven of the last eight championships.Success in Europe has been harder to find however. For all the money spent, including a world record 222 million euros for Brazilian Neymar, PSG failed to get beyond the quarter-finals stage in the Champions League.UNTIL THIS YEAR Wins over Italy’s Atalanta and Germany’s RB Leipzig have propelled Thomas Tuchel’s side, powered by local hero Kylian Mbappe, to a place in club football’s biggest game.Luis Fernandez, who played for the club in the 1970s and ’80s and was manager of the team which won the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1996, appreciates the sense of history. “Generations follow one another, but you can feel that those who have lived our adventure know it and have loved it,” he said.“I also remember playing in the Champions League. It’s always a beautiful night of football, it’s a different approach. Every year there are expectations. We opened the way with the Cup Winners’ Cup.”last_img read more